Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

11 Apr

I absolutely love this show, “Food Revolution,” and I applaud what Jamie Oliver is trying to do. I pray he succeeds because many of the school lunches are so unhealthy. I know I got blasted for saying that in a conversation but it is true. I think our schools probably serve fairly healthy meals but there is still a lot of chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, etc. Our county tries to have more veggie dishes but I am not sure if the kids will eat them.

I pack my oldest daughter’s lunch. I had some friends say that people that pack lunches give their kids unhealthy items. I beg to differ. I give my girls pbj on whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter. All fruit is what we use for jelly which is fresh fruit mixed with fruit juice only. I also pack either a hand full of walnuts or whole wheat pretzels. I also pack fresh fruit or all natural apple sauce no sugar added. I finish it off with a reusable water bottle. I have always been very strict with what my girls eat. They can have junky stuff in moderation but 95 % of the time they eat healthy and when they are not around me they continue in that trend. My girls have never had soda nor do they want too. They prefer water or 100 % fruit juice. When we eat out fries are typically not allowed. They have to pick a fruit or veggie alternative unless there is not one. I limit sweets. Their Easter basket candy will last them for several months.

I purchase juice based fruit roll ups, organic cereals, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, some canned veggies or fruits and natural oatmeal only sweetened with cane sugar and rolled oats. We are on a very limited grocery budget but these items I make room for because I feel it is so important. My hope is one day fresh fruits and veggies will be as cheap as processed nuggets, fries and pizza. This is so sad to me. It is also sad that it takes more money to make healthier lunches than pizzas, canned fruits, jello and pink milk.

You go Jamie Oliver and don’t stop until all 50 states are on board! Jamie’s website has tons of info including some yummy and cheap recipes.

I also really liked the episode where he is working with the teens at Huntington High. This could really change the course of a troubled teen or in Brittany’s case the matter between life and death!

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