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Scoliosis an unexpected diagnosis

27 May

I took my oldest daughter to her 8 year check up and after chatting with the doctor she did the scoliosis test. I knew she passed it last year so I was not concerned. She said, “it looks like she does have a curved spine.” She redid the test and yes she did. I held it together until this afternoon and I cried. My beautiful tall 8 year old girl has this spine disease. What does this mean? What is the treatment? All these questions filled my head. I took her to our local hospital and had back x-rays so they see whether it is severe or mild. My grandmother said she thought she had this as a child. She has arthritis which can occur in the spine if left untreated. Prayerfully we caught this early. She has a wonderful pediatrician that is very thorough. She thought this was a mild case and there was nothing to worry about. This gave me comfort but still this is my baby and you never want to know there is anything wrong with your child. I did the mommy blame game. Did I cause this or not feed her something she should have. The answer is NO. It is hereditary but nothing I did personally caused this. Anyway this is our journey. Make sure your doctor checks your children especially girls at age 7-8 and continues each year. It is common and if caught early gives them a better chance at a normal life without pain.


Farewell Simon Cowell

27 May

Tears filled my eyes as AI said good-bye to Simon. I loved that Paula came back. He seemed to need her last night to help him say good-bye. The show has not been the same although I love Ellen. Paula just had a different style. It certainly will not be the same next year. I don’t know who could fill his shoes but as he said in a recent interview it needs to be someone in that field and not just a personality.

Farewell Simon and I wish you well in your new adventures!


27 May

I personally thought that Crystal did a better job at the finale but Lee had the most growth and he won! Crystal and Lee were my two favorites and both will do well in the future. I pray Mike Lynch will also make an album because he was my other favorite.


Pac Man’s 30th anniversy

21 May

Today if you go to google’s home page you can watch PAC man move around and “play music” as my youngest daughter says. Click insert coin and it will play different songs from PAC man. As my hubby says, “google is a productivity killer today. ” Love it!!

Grey’s Anatomy creator defends season finale

21 May

Oh my is all I have to say. This finale was the best one I have ever seen but I was so sad that Meridith lost her baby. I thought that was a little over the top. I guess I see the creators point but it still saddens me. From a few minutes into it, my heart started pounding my face book page lit up as we were all discussing it scene by scene. I have never been this involved in any finale before. Most are good but this was phenomenal. You never saw the next scene coming. It was not predictable in my mind. I am not sure how next season is going to go but that is going to be hard to top. I am thankful they did not kill off the main characters. I did not care for the lesbian kiss but other than that it was a good ending. They did not leave you hanging as most finales do. They tied up some loose ends.  Here is what the creator said as quoted on toofab!

Brett Michaels back in the hospital after warning stroke

21 May

I saw this today and I was so sad. I grew up with poison and I did not know Mr. Michaels all that well but grew to love him on Celebrity Apprentice this season. I have been cheering him and holly on. He is such a creative genius and I wish him and his family well. I pray he makes a full recovery! Here are the details on what happened yesterday.

Lee and Crystal Final 2

21 May

Yay! This should be a great finale and a little sad that Simon Cowell will also be leaving. Next AI should be interesting! Congrats Crystal and Lee for an outstanding job and awesome ride this season. We’ll miss you Simon!