Alternatives to the Recalled Children’s Medicines

6 May

I prefer brand name drugs because of issues like this one with the recall. I was never so shocked to find 7 bottles of the recalled medicine in my cabinet. If I had known our walmart would take them back even if opened, I would not have thrown them away. Check with your local store to see if they will do the same. I was not going to mess with McNeil Lab. I heard you could not get a person and I did not want a coupon for another one of their products. I bought generic motrin to keep on hand. I did purchase the tylenol chewables because those were not on the recall list. Benedryl has a meltaway chewable so I also purchased that. I was just really shocked that this happened. I feel like a consumer and a parent these labs, and manufacturers need to step it up and provide the safest product or food they can. The almighty dollar is not more important than someone’s life!

Generic drugs are safe and are not made by McNeil. They have everything from generic Motrin to generic Zyrtec. The price is much better too!! When peanut butter was recalled last summer, I only buy name brand now. Jiff and smuckers. I know peter pan and Walmart brand has been watched carefully but this is something we eat almost everyday. I no longer purchase Eggo Waffles or pancakes because their product was recalled in the fall for some reason. It is really quite scary when you think about it!

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