7 May

Pastor Dennis Rouse is preaching a series of messages right now on the family. He did one this past weekend on the order of the family. It is awesome.  I wanted to share this with you. Here is the website to listen to the messages or watch online.

A word came to me this week that I think God wants us to understand: Order. We serve a God of order. The very creation of the earth follows a path of order. God aligned the Sun and moon and planets in a perfect way so that life could exist here. And, God created mankind with order – created man first, then gave woman to him as a gift – a comparable, complimenting partner with whom he would come together as one flesh.

Yet, we see in Genesis that immediately after this, Satan shows up in the form of a serpent seeking to destroy this relationship. He subverts the created order, knowing that if he can get the woman to step out from under the covering of her husband, all chaos will break loose.

And that’s just what happened. Only a few verses later, we find Adam and Eve hiding from God as he calls out to them, to Adam in particular, “Where are you?” (Read Genesis 3) He didn’t ask where Eve was; he asked where was the person whom he had put in charge of the garden.

That is the question of our day, too – Where are you, men? Today, God is looking for men who will be the men he created and called them to be. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of men like that these days, which means there’s a lot of women out there trying to make do without the kind of men they really need. Rather than stepping up and taking ownership, too many men, like Adam, start blaming women as soon as they start getting in trouble, holding them accountable for things God is holding them accountable for.

Guys, it’s time for us to take our place in God’s order. We were neither created to rule over women, nor to be ruled by them. Rather, God’s order is that each woman is to be covered by a man as that man is covered by Christ. That doesn’t mean either the man or the woman is more important or more valuable, but the man is to lead as he is led by Christ – with sacrificial love. Both the husband and the wife have equal footing in the marriage relationship as they lovingly submit to one another. The role of the husband is to lead like Christ, who gave his life for his bride.

When a man treats his wife like Jesus treats the church, she’ll have no difficulty treating him like the church treats Jesus. The key to this is sacrifice. Men, we’re called to sacrifice ourselves in prayer, reading the Word, working to provide, giving up our time and prioritizing our families’ needs in the use of our resources.

Where are men like that? Where are you, men? There are so few men like this, that have this kind of thinking, that love their wives and children and care for them as Christ does the church. Women need real men – not weenie men – who will stand up and lead, even if the woman tries to subvert the order. But remember, a real man doesn’t lead by domination, he leads by serving. We have to listen and work together with our wives as a team. And our children need to see this dynamic in order to grow up with a healthy sense of order, security and love.

So, men, are you ready to accept this challenge? Your wives and children need you. The world needs you. This has to happen if we’re going to unleash the incredible power of family in our world.

This is an excerpt from the message I preached this past weekend. Download, listen to or watch the whole message here.

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