Uterine Polyps

14 May

I went to the dreaded appointment with my OBGYN today. I thought everything was fine until we started talking about my periods and my flow. He thinks I have uterine polyps. I am really concerned because I do not know much about this. In most cases they are benign but there is that chance it could be cancer. I am totally freaking out. I am only 32 years old. We do want more children at some point so I don’t want to lose that ability. I am having a procedure done in June to diagnose if I have a polyp or not. If not I will have to go on birth control pills off and on each month to get it under control. I love my doctor though. He spent 45 minutes with me today. His entire staff is so very kind too! Please keep me in your prayers! I was totally not expecting this and my emotions are all over the place right now. If any of you have had this diagnosis or suspect you may have it here is a very good website from the Mayo Clinic all about this issue.

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