Grey’s Anatomy creator defends season finale

21 May

Oh my is all I have to say. This finale was the best one I have ever seen but I was so sad that Meridith lost her baby. I thought that was a little over the top. I guess I see the creators point but it still saddens me. From a few minutes into it, my heart started pounding my face book page lit up as we were all discussing it scene by scene. I have never been this involved in any finale before. Most are good but this was phenomenal. You never saw the next scene coming. It was not predictable in my mind. I am not sure how next season is going to go but that is going to be hard to top. I am thankful they did not kill off the main characters. I did not care for the lesbian kiss but other than that it was a good ending. They did not leave you hanging as most finales do. They tied up some loose ends.  Here is what the creator said as quoted on toofab!

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