2 Jun

No I am not talking about International House of Pancakes but the International House of Prayer in Atlanta. There are actually International Houses of Prayer all over the world. The House of prayer is phenomenal. It has really brought my husband and I closer to God. Hearing God’s heart and bringing us closer to our calling. The out pouring and the love is amazing. My girls love it too. It is a 24 hour 7 day a week house of prayer. You can get prayer any time of day or you can go to pray. They also hold seminars from time to time. They have worship music as well as revival services on the weekend. I really heard the heart of God last weekend and it has made me realize he really does love us and care about us. He is not just a being that walks around with a big stick. He really does care about you, me and the entire world. I love being in his presence and talking about the things of God with my husband. It has just been a healing and learning time for us. Hundreds of people have been healed and delivered through these revival meetings. I  LOVE  IT!

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