14 Jun

Father’s Day is always bitter sweet for me. I still miss him so much even thought it has been almost 17 years. He has missed so much of my life and it literally breaks my heart. I do not believe time heals all wounds. I think it just puts a band aid on it so you can handle it a little better.

My dad was my best friend and the best father I know. He was very hands on with me. He would sing with me, wrote songs about me, would eat oatmeal with me at 3 AM when he got off his third shift at work. He would have candid conversations with me. We used to talk for hours about God and life. I still miss him every single day. I only wish he could have met my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughters. My dad used to tell me at 10, “I am praying for your husband. I pray he is a man of God who will treat you well.” His prayers came true.

Anyway, I miss you daddy and I know I will see you again one day. Happy Father’s Day and thank you for all you did and all you were. I may not have said anything but I appreciate you and love you so much. I could not have asked for a better dad!!

Me and my dad when I was 2

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