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Zhu Zhu Pets

8 Jul

We have now entered the world of  Zhu Zhu pets. My 8 year old and 4 year old are in love. They love animals but the fact they move, purr, etc is an added bonus. They are super cute!


American Girl Bistro

7 Jul

My oldest daughter loves the American Girl Magazine but was more interested in the animals than the dolls. However, I took my daughters along with a friend of mine and her daughters to the American Girl Bistro, and now they want one. It is cute. We did the tea time and craft for under $10 a person. The girls loved it.  We each got our own tea pot, sweets, finger sandwiches, fruit and muffins. We had a fun day and even my three year old had a blast. She did not want to give the loaner doll back. Maybe Santa will bring them one. I definitely recommend this for moms, grandmas and daughters to do together. It is really girly and a lot of warm memories in the making!

Happy 4th of July!

2 Jul

I  stop and give thanks to God for our wonderful country! I also want to thank all of those who have in the past or who are currently serving in our military. You are the reason we celebrate freedom today.

Thank you for you courageous sacrifice and service to our great country!

My Girls!

1 Jul


1 Jul

My Hubby wrote this post on vision and I think it is the best teaching on vision I have  ever heard. It is a must read!!

Sensitive Children

1 Jul

My favorite mommy blogger in the world is Ohmommy. She wrote a fantastic post on sensitive children and I have to share it. My oldest daughter is similar to her son Jay and we used to say she was a drama queen. She used to cry at every little thing. Throw tantrums like no one else and hide behind my legs and cry at parties.  As she has grown up, she does not cry as often. She has a lot of friends even though she is always labeled the quiet one. The thing I love about this post is she is not trying to break her son but help him to adjust. She is building character. Boys should be in touch with their feelings. I think our society is a little hesitant about that. It does not mean they should cry at every little thing or whine. My husband is a very passionate person but he does not always share his feelings or thoughts because teachers, family and friends shut him down when he would cry or share something. It is hard sometimes because I would love for him to share things with me. Each child is unique and quirky. I think we should embrace this instead of trying to fit each child into a mold. I know I have dealt with this with my own two daughters. Teachers pointing out all their quirks and flaws as if there is something wrong with them. My oldest daughter can be a drama queen but she can also be quiet and observant. She has been like this since she was a baby.  She is the kid that always friends the new kid or the kid no one wants to be around. She is compassionate, sweet and funny. She loves to read and make art. Every year I get the same thing in conferences. Pookie is a delightful child but she is too quiet. Of course, if she was talkative that would not be acceptable either. Peanut is polar opposite of Pookie except in large class settings. The entire school year Peanut was labeled as something was wrong with her. The teacher missed out on an entire year of getting to know peanut because at the end of the year Peanut showed her true self. She tells jokes, she is articulate, she is smart and funny. She is also very loving and yet she was labeled because she was SO shy. They did not take into account she had never been around a large group of kids for four hours without me before. She also was the youngest in her class. Oh and she was 3!

My friend’s son is also a wonderful, compassionate, smart, and funny kid. This teacher missed out on a opportunity to get to know him because he cried too much at first. She did not take into account that he  had never been away from mom before or maybe he had a little extra anxiety.

I am so tired of people putting our children into a box or mold or label because they are different. I worked with elementary children and preschoolers. Some had disabilities, some had autism and  some were just different but I LOVED all of them!! If we were all made the same how boring would this world be? God delights in our quirks and differences!