Teacher Orientation

5 Aug

My dad started praying over me before each school year back when I went to public school. He would pray for favor, the right teachers and for me to do well. I have continued this with my girls. We just met my oldest daughter’s third grade teacher and I love her. She is a believer and she is very nice. I have heard third grade is tough because they are tested ALOT and there is so much more responsibility. She taught Kindergarten four years ago so she still has that nurturing side to her. She LOVES teaching and said it is her “calling”. Anyone who loves what they are doing are usually phenomenal at what they do. We have loved every one of Sarah’s teachers. Prayer is a powerful thing! If you are not accustomed to praying over your kids or for who they will get as teachers I encourage you to do so. God honors those simple request as well.

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