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Gianna’s Story: An abortion survivor

30 Sep

Gianna is amazing woman with an phenomenal story of hope, courage and forgiveness. I am pro-life but she is the face of the pro-life movement. You hear what a woman is going through what about these innocent babies. She was given saline to abort her at 7 1/2 mos of her mother’s pregnancy but surprise she survived.


Age of Autism

27 Sep

My friend posted this video on a new book written by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted.  They believe it is man made. They believe there is a link in thimerosal (mercury), to Autism.  A number of vaccines including the flu vaccine have this ingredient in it. I found this out when I went to have my daughters vaccinated with the flu vaccine last year. Wal-greens asked me if I wanted the preservative free flu vaccine for a little bit more money. They told me the regular flu vaccine had thimerosal in it which was a preservative. Of course I paid extra, I looked up thimerosal on the internet and it is mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin. It kind of freaked me out because we had always gotten the flu vaccine from the peds office but they did not have it in yet. How many years had I been putting that into their system? You can get preservative free vaccines for children and pregnant women at Wal-greens take care clinic for  a few dollars more. It is well worth it!

They still do not have all the answers but this is a must see video.

Praying for Bishop Eddie Long, his family and his church

27 Sep

I was so saddened when I heard the lawsuits coming in against Eddie Long and his church. I love hearing him preach. He has ministered to me and my family through his TV messages for years. I personally do not believe he did the things he is accused of. My prayers go out to him, his family and his congregation. We should go to prayer instead of rushing to judgement.

Here are some of the remarks he made during his address to his congregation yesterday morning from CNN.

My Hubby is now an unemployment statistic

24 Sep

He makes up the 10.4 % unemployment rate from August. This was a really big blow to our family but God has totally provided especially because Unemployment was held up due to a wrong SS# being posted by his former company. All is worked out and we are praying he finds employment soon. I love having him around but a consistent pay check with benefits would be even nicer. God is teaching us so much about being dependent on him. People have showed up at our door step with groceries or mailed us money that we had not expected. His promises are true!

My hubby has done some contract work, we have sold everything we can and I have applied for some part-time jobs.

If you have lost your job or know someone that has, hang on. God is not forsaking you. Keep pressing in. I have to believe things will get better!

IHOP-pancakes suing IHOP-prayer

17 Sep

I think this is ridiculous especially because IHOP-prayer has been in existence for 10 years why are they suddenly suing now? Here is the news story from CNN.

I actually do not eat at IHOP pancakes because it makes me very ill. I love IHOP-Atlanta it has been a life changing experience for me and my family. We worship there every weekend in Atlanta. There are IHOPs-prayer houses all over the world not just in the USA.

Romans 8:28 will prevail here and now our name is getting out all over the world. It was just us in the IHOP communities that knew about the prayer IHOP but now thanks to pancakes IHOP everyone will know.

My friend posted this on my page and I have to share because it is funny and so true: “It’s hard to confuse the Holy Spirit with the rooty tooty fresh and fruity!”

Pharmaceuticals pushing to vaccinate school children

13 Sep

I found this article very enlightening!

H1N1 handout admits to causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome

9 Sep

I was googling the H1N1 vaccine and I came across this article. This is interesting. I was so upset to find that they combined the H1N1 vaccine with the regular flu vaccine this year. Only because it is so new and the jury is still out on this thing. Also, President Obama gave the manufacturers a free slide if any reactions or deaths occurred. They are not liable. So far my hopes of finding a flu vaccine without the H1N1 are 0.

On another vaccine note, my youngest daughter had to have 5 vaccines for her four year check up. This is crazy people. I was able to split them up so she got two yesterday and we will go back before her 5th birthday and have the other 3. We are overloading our babies and children’s immune systems. I actually agree with vaccination but I think it has gotten way too excessive. Research, research, research anything that is going into yours or your child’s body.