H1N1 handout admits to causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome

9 Sep

I was googling the H1N1 vaccine and I came across this article. This is interesting. I was so upset to find that they combined the H1N1 vaccine with the regular flu vaccine this year. Only because it is so new and the jury is still out on this thing. Also, President Obama gave the manufacturers a free slide if any reactions or deaths occurred. They are not liable. So far my hopes of finding a flu vaccine without the H1N1 are 0.

On another vaccine note, my youngest daughter had to have 5 vaccines for her four year check up. This is crazy people. I was able to split them up so she got two yesterday and we will go back before her 5th birthday and have the other 3. We are overloading our babies and children’s immune systems. I actually agree with vaccination but I think it has gotten way too excessive. Research, research, research anything that is going into yours or your child’s body.

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