My Hubby is now an unemployment statistic

24 Sep

He makes up the 10.4 % unemployment rate from August. This was a really big blow to our family but God has totally provided especially because Unemployment was held up due to a wrong SS# being posted by his former company. All is worked out and we are praying he finds employment soon. I love having him around but a consistent pay check with benefits would be even nicer. God is teaching us so much about being dependent on him. People have showed up at our door step with groceries or mailed us money that we had not expected. His promises are true!

My hubby has done some contract work, we have sold everything we can and I have applied for some part-time jobs.

If you have lost your job or know someone that has, hang on. God is not forsaking you. Keep pressing in. I have to believe things will get better!

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