Preparing for a testimony

30 Jan

Okay so back in August I gave my testimony on my body being healed. I had been to our church for months praying and believing for my healing. It did happen but noone warned me of the intense warfare I was about to go through. All hell broke loose after that. My husband lost his job, I had a miscarriage and had to go through the same surgery all over again but for different reasons and both my girls got the flu. They had never had the flu before. You say this is only coincidence but so much came against us. The next time I was given the opportunity I sat quietly on the back row. I could not handle it. If I ever have a testimony to give, lots of prayer and fasting will be done before hand. I was so excited about what God did for me this side of it never crossed my mind. I would have still given my testimony but been prayed up before hand.

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