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Consumer Sue Companies Over Zip Codes

23 Feb

Clark Howard is a local radio and news guy here and he is amazing! He shared in this article why companies want you to share your zip code. There are some reasons this is necessary but its not in all cases.


DC Cupcakes(Georgetown Cupcakes)

23 Feb

Okay I love this show. I have a few new favorites such as Cake Boss, and cupcake wars. I love cupcakes and watching this show I wanted to try them. TLC now has it set up where you can buy their cupcakes. It is a little pricey and I cannot believe I paid that much for 12 cupcakes but they look delicious. I also got their first season on DVD. I think it is so cool how they can make anything out of cupcakes.  I love the sister dynamic and I love supporting small businesses. Now if only cake boss would sell his cannolies or cakes online I would be in heaven!

My 8 year old forged my signature

23 Feb

Well, I thought this day would be during her teenage years but my 8 year old forged my signature on her reading log. She forgot it at school yesterday and I went to sign it for tonights reading and saw it had been signed yesterday. She just learned cursive so she did a great attempt and what a smart kid to think of it so she would not get in trouble. I had to bit my tongue. She is a sweet kid who always does the right thing so I was laughing inside that she thought of this. My friend said it best, ” We’ll call this funny but wrong!” We had a little discussion that it is never okay to forge mommy’s name. She apologized and said she would not do it again. I pray not, yikes!

Justin Bieber speaks out on Abortion, Sex and Health Care

16 Feb

It was an interesting article from Rolling Stone on Justin Bieber.

Age of Autism

13 Feb

Trump revises his sons vaccines schedule. His theory is all the massive vaccines are causing autism. He said having young children brought light to this issue for him.  There is a pediatrician that I saw on Good Morning America that also had the same advice, space out the vaccines. I personally did that with my dautehr now. She was due for five or six vaccines for her fourth birthday. I thought is was absurd. My oldest who is only 4 years older did not get that many when she was 4. We got what her pediatrician thought were the two most important and we’ll go back in the spring to get the other ones. Interesting article.

Different Learning Styles

8 Feb

Throughout my daughters life I had preschool teachers and elementary school teachers talk to me about issues with her. They would say, ” we think she has a hearing problem.” I found she was perfectly fine. Her hearing was tested and it was perfect. I heard this for two years of PS.

In kindergarten pookie did not adjust well. She was brought up to SST. Her teachers were baffled because she could read on these high levels but could not  tell you what she read. She would answer these hard questions that no one else knew but not stay focused, follow basic everyday instructions or finish her work. By the middle of the year with much prayer,  she was improving.

She went on to first grade with some minor issues that seemed to get better when we removed her from her allergy meds. Second grade went smooth except for all the teachers referencing how quiet she was. They would actually put talkative kids near her so she would have no choice but to talk. They would even be excited if she got a check mark for talking because she was that quiet.

Third grade she is doing well but at her fall conference she asked me again did pookie have a hearing issue. I said she was just tested twice and both times came out perfect so I said no. We have continued to work with her. The other day her teacher wrote the most bizarre note.  It said, “I don’t think pookie takes in anything audibly but she is one smart cookie.” At her conference she said Pookie does not follow basic everyday instruction and has to be reminded quite often. However on her test scores, answers, etc she is at the top of the class. She is actually being tested for the gifted program right now.

I spoke with a teacher friend of mine that happens to teach gifted and she said Pookie is classic textbook gifted child. Their brains are so full of ideas that they cannot focus in on everyday simple multistep directions. This is so true. I used to get upset with her for not following directions I had given her. With this information I am trying to be more patient. Following directions is a life skill so for pookie whether gifted or not we just have to work harder at achieving it.

All of our brains work different and learning that different people learn in different ways is so vitally important. Thank God for her teacher that pressed in on this issue and discussed it with me instead of labeling her incorrectly. It really is an issue of how she learns. Her teacher has her right up front, written down basic directions and is going to get her classmates to help remind her of basic everyday multi step directions.

As always I share this information for those who may be in similar situations with their kiddos or if you have a child like this and would like to share your tips and ideas for what worked please share.


6 Feb

My niece was born yesterday. She is beautiful! It brought back a flood of memories of when my oldest daughter ,who will be 9 soon, was born.  Holding the little bundle of joy is pure joy. Babies are like a kiss from heaven  or an angel in your arms. What a gift this little girl will be!