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Girls and Puberty

9 Jan

Well, over Christmas I’ve noticed some tiny changes in my 9 1/2 year old daughter. She is in the early stages of puberty. Before I can wrap my brain around all this she brings a letter home that her school is going to be watching a video on sex education. Wow! We’ve had numerous discussions on puberty and body changes for her since she was 3. However, I have not delved into the world of sex education yet and thought I had a little more time. Now I’m reading books on how to approach the subject. A friend recommended a book by Kevin Leman, called a chicken’s guide to talking turkey about sex. I am impressed just by reading the first chapter. I wasn’t sure if it would take a bury your head in the sand approach as a good number of Christians and adults seem too but it is very blunt and I am getting very helpful parenting advice. 

My parents never really said anything about puberty or sex other than “don’t have sex before your married.” So when I became a parent I spoke with my husband and we decided we were going to be open, honest and delve into this as a family conversation. I want her to be comfortable with her body through these changes and understand it’s normal. I want her to feel she can come to us at any time and ask any thing she wants. I feel like as a parent you need to research, learn and grow. This is a topic that is so new to me as far as teaching my children so I want to get it right. 

Almost everyone I have spoken with said their parents never said anything about sex or puberty we all learned it from TV or our friends. I want my relationship with my daughers to be different. So I am very nervous but I will it’s important and hopefully it will get easier when my now five year old goes through this in a four or five years. 

Our school allows us to watch the video they are showing before our children will view it so I am going to do that. If it lines up with our values and what I would be discussing with her then she can view it. I definitely do not want her getting wrong information from her friends. 

I cannot believe my first born is old enough to be learning and going through this already. Time flies so quickly and she’ll be graduating high school before I know it.  


Auditory Processing Disorder

6 Jun

From the time my little pookie started preschool which was 2, we were asked if she had hearing problems. She has passed all of her hearing tests even the one the school gave her a few months ago. Her grades are all A’s and an occasional B. Her test scores are through the roof. She exceeded above the national average on every area but math. Math she met the expectation on. She baffled her teacher this year because she takes almost no info in through her hearing and 98% visual learner. She is above grade level in reading and writing. She was almost placed in gifted but didn’t quite pass their test required to get in. I spoke with her pediatrician about it and she said Pookie may have a disorder called Auditory Processing Disorder. I am not going through the school to hopefully have her tested. It is very frustrating year after year to hear teachers ask if she has hearing issues. This would explain so much if she does have this. To have her tested I will have to have the teacher bring her up on SST. Hopefully, we can get some answers. While she is doing well now, I’m concerned about upper grades. She had a very patient teacher this year who worked with her but some teachers may not be so patient and understanding with 30 kids. She absolutely cannot follow multi-step directions. You physically have to stand in front of her and repeat each thing one at a time. My four year however can get a list of instructions audibly and follow them with no issues. Praying they will still test her since her grades and test scores are so high.

Gluten Sensitivity

15 Mar

I’m on a journey of researching Gluten sensitivities. I don’t believe my daughter has Celiacs Disease but she has so many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity. One on the list was unexplained anemia. Since she was 1 years old when I started her on regular foods her levels have always been 10.5 or lower. She has been tested for every blood disease and no explanation as to why she has anemia. Shes had chronic sinus infections this is another symptom. Now I have cut some of the gluten from her diet by accident. She and her sister are lactose intolerant too so I have been looking closely at labels for years. I finally found waffles without dairy and they just happen to have no gluten. The real kicker is she has her third UTI and it is severe. She was vomiting because the pain was so bad the other night. My friend emailed me and said I should check into this. We are now seeing a pediatric urologist. This is a new journey for me but I want my baby well and it would also explain when she eats certain things she starts complaining her tummy hurts all the time.

If you have children or experience with gluten sensitivity, please comment. This is a new journey for our family!


6 Feb

My niece was born yesterday. She is beautiful! It brought back a flood of memories of when my oldest daughter ,who will be 9 soon, was born.  Holding the little bundle of joy is pure joy. Babies are like a kiss from heaven  or an angel in your arms. What a gift this little girl will be!

Potty Training and Preschool

1 Feb

My oldest did not go to a preschool with the potty training policy. I also taught at that preschool and I had to clean up a number of messes. It is just the life of a mom and teacher.

I just read this article on a three year old who was potty trained but the schedule the school set for potty breaks threw this little girl off and she stared having accidents. The school suspended her for a month because she broke their potty training policy. The mom found a school with no potty training policy and she has not had an accident since. This is crazy. I had pressure to train my youngest because she could not go into a church class or preschool class without being trained. Fortunately she was easy but this is crazy. You have to be flexible with kids. Accidents should not be punished. You need grace. If a child was potty trained and all the sudden had accidents you need to find out why not automatically suspend them.

Can the tooth fairy leave IOUs?

30 Jan

Over Christmas my four year old lost a tooth. Yes, she is quite young and she already has her adult tooth. Well we were at the Dentist the other day and they informed me she has three more loose teeth and several on top not too far behind. I think I may have to take out a small loan. So my question is can the tooth fairy leave IOUs?

My kids have the flu for Thanksgiving 2010

23 Nov

As if this month could be bad enough my 8 year old started running a 102 temp late Saturday night. I was able to get her temp down with Ibuprofen. I figured she had strep. Her only complaints were throat and head. Her temp did not go above 102 and she did not have the usual flu symptoms. I took her to the pediatricians office on Monday and they ruled out strep. He thought she may have another sinus infection however I questioned him on the medicine since she just got over one. He decided to check her for flu and sure enough she tested positive for type B. My girls have never had the flu before until now. When I got home my youngest was running a low grade temp. Fortunately my peds gave me tamiflu for both of the girls. My youngest is considered high risk because she was diagnosed with asthma. So far so good, they seem to have a very mild case.  Most of the cases I have heard about this kids are really bad off so thank you God that my girls were spared.

This month was already horrible but for my girls to get the flu before Thanksgiving thats just icing on an already crappy cake.

I do think they will be better by turkey day though and for that I can be very thankful!