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3 Jul

I have always couponed but now I’m getting them to work for me instead of saving a few dollars here and there. Today I had two coupons for Oral B tooth brushes so I got them for free. The store had them marked down to 2 for $2. It is just recently I started getting free items. I now have a small stock pile of laundry detergent, tooth paste, toilet paper etc. I look at the local grocery store putting detergent or toilet paper on sale and I think I wish every knew if you just look around and clip coupons you could save so much money. I will never pay over $ 5 laundry detergent or over $3 for  toilet paper. When you use coupons and sale prices you can save so much money.


Consumer Sue Companies Over Zip Codes

23 Feb

Clark Howard is a local radio and news guy here and he is amazing! He shared in this article why companies want you to share your zip code. There are some reasons this is necessary but its not in all cases.

Skinny Jeans for toddlers and babies

12 Aug

What are they going to do next in the children’s line of clothes? The Gap has decided to make skinny jeans starting in size 0-3 mos for babies going up to the toddlers sizes. I have never heard anything crazier then this. It is hard enough trying to put pants on babies because of the bulky diapers and layers of baby fat. This is absolutely crazy!

I will not buy skinny jeans for my 8 year old and I have noticed that trend moving towards my 3 year old sizes. My 8 year old is tall and thin but skinny jeans are too revealing. I want my girls in conservative and stylish clothing.

Parents are flocking to this style because it is the trend. The stores are eating this up.

I do not shop at the Gap because it is not economical for our family. I shop around at different stores trying to get the best deals but taking an adult fashion trend and making it for babies and toddlers is absurd. If you look at this baby in the skinny jeans, they don’t fit you see way too much of her diaper. Paying that kind of money so my child can be trendy with her diaper hanging out. I don’t know about you but I want my jeans to fit and be comfortable.

I have two kids to buy clothes for so I have to keep things affordable as well as stylish. I do put my kids needs above mine but part of that is I am not still growing. I can wear the same outfit for several years or the same shoes but they cannot.

What will they think of next?

ipad out / opad in

6 Apr

This is hilarious.

Frugal the new rich

8 Jun

I was running some errands and I heard my favorite morning show on the radio. They were saying the Washington Post did an article that people are bragging about what deals they got instead of what riches they bought. It is a new definition to keeping up with Jones. Can you clip more coupons, save more money, what cool deal did you get? Also, do you judge those who spend money on Starbucks coffee instead of brewing it at home now or buying a QT coffee for $0.89 as opposed to $3.95 for a small at Starbucks.

I say buy it where you want it! I love starbucks but I am not a starbucks snob. I really want to try McDonald’s specialty coffee. My hubby said it was good.

I do clip coupons,  and I do search for deals. I recently got toothpaste for free because the store marked it down to a $1 and I had a dollar coupon off.  We dropped our grocery budget by a lot so we can pay down some debt and I am trying to be as frugal as possible. I found our laundry detergent and dryer sheets in larger quantities for cheaper price at Target. I will go to several stores in the area if it saves me money. Kroger is doing the best at having those awesome deals. Right now a bunch of items are 88 cents. You just cannot beat that!

I think some of this is funny because my friends and I have been sharing deals and tips for saving money for a long time.  My husband has also been brown bagging his lunch for many years, but to people who have suddenly found themselves in a tight spot,  you have to prioritize.

Here is the article from the Washington Post I was talking about.

Why I switched from Kroger brand back to Huggies diapers

22 Feb

I am always trying to save money but I had to switch back to Huggies brand diapers. After numerous leaks of urine and poop, I had no choice. I don’t know what changed but something did. I also noticed peanut was clawing herself to death whenever she had Kroger diaper on but didn’t with her Huggie Overnights. I had to put hydrocortisone cream on her to stop her from itching. Since I have switched back, we have had no more leaks and no more itching. Sometimes cheaper is not always better.

50 Jobs in 50 States

9 Jan

I heard this awesome story about a guy named, Daniel, that just graduated college with a finance degree. He applied for over 40 jobs and he was turned down all 40 plus times. The number one reason was no experience. He thought, ” how do I get job experience?”

He started applying for all different types of jobs in all 50 states. He got those jobs by telling the owners he was a quick study and he is doing research. He could  write a book on this. Anyway, he has been a logger, a wedding coordinator, worked in fast food, he has been a bull rider and done so many other things . He has actually had 10 job offers since then. He is getting the work experience he needs.

Also, since the economy is so bad he will have all this experience to fall back on. It just goes to show if you are willing to work , you can find a job. He is very talented and creative to come up with something like this and I know he will be very successful in life!