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Gluten Sensitivity

15 Mar

I’m on a journey of researching Gluten sensitivities. I don’t believe my daughter has Celiacs Disease but she has so many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity. One on the list was unexplained anemia. Since she was 1 years old when I started her on regular foods her levels have always been 10.5 or lower. She has been tested for every blood disease and no explanation as to why she has anemia. Shes had chronic sinus infections this is another symptom. Now I have cut some of the gluten from her diet by accident. She and her sister are lactose intolerant too so I have been looking closely at labels for years. I finally found waffles without dairy and they just happen to have no gluten. The real kicker is she has her third UTI and it is severe. She was vomiting because the pain was so bad the other night. My friend emailed me and said I should check into this. We are now seeing a pediatric urologist. This is a new journey for me but I want my baby well and it would also explain when she eats certain things she starts complaining her tummy hurts all the time.

If you have children or experience with gluten sensitivity, please comment. This is a new journey for our family!


DC Cupcakes(Georgetown Cupcakes)

23 Feb

Okay I love this show. I have a few new favorites such as Cake Boss, and cupcake wars. I love cupcakes and watching this show I wanted to try them. TLC now has it set up where you can buy their cupcakes. It is a little pricey and I cannot believe I paid that much for 12 cupcakes but they look delicious. I also got their first season on DVD. I think it is so cool how they can make anything out of cupcakes.  I love the sister dynamic and I love supporting small businesses. Now if only cake boss would sell his cannolies or cakes online I would be in heaven!

Starbucks has a new size drink

18 Jan

There is a larger size drink from starbucks. It is larger than the average  human stomach. I cannot believe someone would want to super size larger than a venti.

Happy drinking everyone!

Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies

7 Aug

Oh how I love cupcakes, cakes and cookies! Now they have shows called Cupcake Wars on the food network and DC Cupcakes on TLC. I also love Fabulous Cakes and the cooking challenges on FN. I can enjoy sweets without any calories or sugar. It is so neat what they can do with cakes, cookies and cupcakes. If you love baking or creating, you will love any of these shows. My 8 year old is loving these too.

Check your local listing for times and days!

Cupcake Wars

6 Aug

I love cupcakes! I just heard there is a show on the food network called cupcake wars. I cannot wait to check this out. I really love the next food network star. It is like watching the apprentice with a food twist. TLC has some new cooking/cake shows on as well. I love it because I can enjoy all these sweet treats with zero guilt and zero calories.

Popular Sports Drink

22 Jul

A friend posted this article and I was so upset. I actually switched to Vitamin waters to rid myself of sodas. I should have read the label more clearly but I thought pure sugar cane was better than HFCS. It has about as many calories and sugar as a soda. It is nothing more than sugar water packaged in a vitamin, health label.

I also was plagued with the symptoms they list. One week I had drank one to two a day and had the most horrible headaches. I hardly ever get headaches but I did not put two and two together until I read the article. I guess I should not be surprised since this is a coke product and trust me I will be reading labels much closer now. We have taken all that we had back.

New Study says 85% of kids juices and snacks have high levels of lead

13 Jul

My friend sent me this article about a recent study that was done on brand name juices and snacks mostly given to children. The findings are disturbing. 85% of these tested had high levels of lead. This included Gerber baby foods and organic products such as Earth’s Best and Trader Joes. Someone commented on this post that you should just buy fresh and make it yourself, but the problem is the water. It is contaminating the fruits and veggies with lead. We could have high levels in our fruits and veggies in our refrigerator and drinking water. All I know is this is very disturbing!