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Praying for Egypt

30 Jan

I am not up to date on all the details but I know enough that I am praying for Egypt. There is so much at stake and prayer is a powerful thing!

I just got this update from a friend who has friends in Egypt. Keep praying for them. We are at such critical point.

“Got an urgent message from one of my Autism Mom friends in Egypt. Women are barricading themselves in one room of their home, as looters and rapists are roaming the streets. Citizens are paroling the streets to hold the criminals at bay. The police are nowhere to be found. Please take a minute today to pray for families in Egypt”


“Why don’t friends with kids never have any time?”

13 Jul

This is the best article on motherhood and why friends with kids never have any time. Carol nailed it! This is my life. An errand that may take someone who does not have children 10-15 minutes, takes me 30 -45 depending on if I have one child with me or two. I can do twice as much when my kids are not with me. I get so much more done because I am not having to break up fights, clean up messes, grab 100 snacks and take the kids where they need to go. If I do get to sit down it is usually late at night after everyone has gone to bed. My job as a mom is 24/7. I don’t regret it or hate it. It is a fact and sometimes it is like a roller coaster. You have your ups and your downs. Before you judge people you really should put yourself in their shoes for 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day. When we say we don’t have time, it is not a lie. We are telling the truth. This is why I got an iphone for Christmas so I can keep up with friends via my phone. I rarely have time to sit down at the computer but I can stay in contact with emails, FB etc via my phone. It really is my lifeline to the world.

Your Past

10 Jul

So I was going through some old boxes looking for toys or clothes to give away to a friend and I found all of my old elementary and  HS year books. Wow! What memories this brings back. My girls are so excited to see what Mommy and Daddy looked like way back when. Good times! Good times!


10 Jul

We just met the most awesome couple. We really connected with them and they are such a sweet blessing to our lives. I love when God has divine encounters with people. Those moments where you connect with people and it is effortless.

Pizza night

9 Apr

We are having some friends over for pizza and game night tonight. My girls are still sick so they will go to bed and we will enjoy a quiet evening with some friends. We are a little low on funds right now. We have Little Caesar’s pizza and you can get a large one topping pizza for $5. They also had slices of cake at Kroger for $1.99 so dinner and dessert for under $20 dollars. Games and good times are free!

Girls Night Out!

15 Jan

I am totally stressing because we have painters coming Monday to paint our house on the inside and so we are packing up everything. It feels like moving. This weekend I had several things planned before relizing this is the weekend I should be home to continue packing. Sigh! Tonight I am reuniting with some dear friends. We stay connected on Face book but have not seen each other in over a year. I am going to a healthy foods tasting party.  I am so excited yet so stressed at all I have to get accomplished before the hubby gets home to watch the kiddos! A mother’s work is never done!

Flashback to 1996

20 Jan

A friend sent this picture to me. This is hubby and I at our senior prom 1996.n1619936408_108911_72812