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Auditory Processing Disorder or something like that

19 Aug

I had a meeting with my oldest daughter’s school. She has difficulty following multistep directions which is reflected in her math scores. Her grades are straight As so she may not have APD but she has symptoms of it. Her school has come up with a plan to get her to advocate for herself and follow threw on directions. As of now her learning has not been affected but I do get concerned as she gets older. Parents I say this all the time you have to be observant of your kids and reach out and ask for help. I can have her tested for confirmation of this disorder but they are doing what they would do to help her whether she has this or not so I’m going to wait. Our doctor said it usually isn’t covered by insurance and is rather costly. We are racking up bills for PT so this will have to wait. Know if your child has this or issues with following multi-step directions that they are still smart and creative and talented. They just have to work extra hard to follow threw with routines. I am thankful she is grasping her materials at school and she has phenomenal teachers.



19 Aug

I heard recently that a friend had a popular pediatric dentist that was filling children’s teeth with fillings that had no cavities all due to the economy and the all mighty dollar. We had a horrible experience with the first dentist we took my oldest too. She had just had surgery so she freaked out when we went in. The dentist was so rude to her and called her names in front of us. She also said my princess had three cavities without doing x-rays. I found a another dentist that I had heard great things about and we had a very pleasent experience. My princess had NO cavities. Can you imagine if I let that horrible woman strap my baby down give her happy gas and fill teeth that did not need to be filled. Parents get a second opinion and be your kids advocate. If you aren’t, no one will be!

Physical Therapy

3 Jul

My oldest daughter is going through PT. To think I almost became a PT. I could be saving a lot of money if I had. She has one leg shorter than the other as well as her hip so PT is supposed to loosen up her hamstrings and heal cord. Praying it will help her!

Auditory Processing Disorder

6 Jun

From the time my little pookie started preschool which was 2, we were asked if she had hearing problems. She has passed all of her hearing tests even the one the school gave her a few months ago. Her grades are all A’s and an occasional B. Her test scores are through the roof. She exceeded above the national average on every area but math. Math she met the expectation on. She baffled her teacher this year because she takes almost no info in through her hearing and 98% visual learner. She is above grade level in reading and writing. She was almost placed in gifted but didn’t quite pass their test required to get in. I spoke with her pediatrician about it and she said Pookie may have a disorder called Auditory Processing Disorder. I am not going through the school to hopefully have her tested. It is very frustrating year after year to hear teachers ask if she has hearing issues. This would explain so much if she does have this. To have her tested I will have to have the teacher bring her up on SST. Hopefully, we can get some answers. While she is doing well now, I’m concerned about upper grades. She had a very patient teacher this year who worked with her but some teachers may not be so patient and understanding with 30 kids. She absolutely cannot follow multi-step directions. You physically have to stand in front of her and repeat each thing one at a time. My four year however can get a list of instructions audibly and follow them with no issues. Praying they will still test her since her grades and test scores are so high.

Gluten Sensitivity

15 Mar

I’m on a journey of researching Gluten sensitivities. I don’t believe my daughter has Celiacs Disease but she has so many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity. One on the list was unexplained anemia. Since she was 1 years old when I started her on regular foods her levels have always been 10.5 or lower. She has been tested for every blood disease and no explanation as to why she has anemia. Shes had chronic sinus infections this is another symptom. Now I have cut some of the gluten from her diet by accident. She and her sister are lactose intolerant too so I have been looking closely at labels for years. I finally found waffles without dairy and they just happen to have no gluten. The real kicker is she has her third UTI and it is severe. She was vomiting because the pain was so bad the other night. My friend emailed me and said I should check into this. We are now seeing a pediatric urologist. This is a new journey for me but I want my baby well and it would also explain when she eats certain things she starts complaining her tummy hurts all the time.

If you have children or experience with gluten sensitivity, please comment. This is a new journey for our family!

Age of Autism

13 Feb

Trump revises his sons vaccines schedule. His theory is all the massive vaccines are causing autism. He said having young children brought light to this issue for him.  There is a pediatrician that I saw on Good Morning America that also had the same advice, space out the vaccines. I personally did that with my dautehr now. She was due for five or six vaccines for her fourth birthday. I thought is was absurd. My oldest who is only 4 years older did not get that many when she was 4. We got what her pediatrician thought were the two most important and we’ll go back in the spring to get the other ones. Interesting article.

Planned Parenthood, tax dollars and sex trafficking

1 Feb

Please watch this video. It is very alarming that this goes on and OUR tax dollars are paying for this. I want my tax dollars  for planned parenthood stopped.