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Potty Training and Preschool

1 Feb

My oldest did not go to a preschool with the potty training policy. I also taught at that preschool and I had to clean up a number of messes. It is just the life of a mom and teacher.

I just read this article on a three year old who was potty trained but the schedule the school set for potty breaks threw this little girl off and she stared having accidents. The school suspended her for a month because she broke their potty training policy. The mom found a school with no potty training policy and she has not had an accident since. This is crazy. I had pressure to train my youngest because she could not go into a church class or preschool class without being trained. Fortunately she was easy but this is crazy. You have to be flexible with kids. Accidents should not be punished. You need grace. If a child was potty trained and all the sudden had accidents you need to find out why not automatically suspend them.


My kids have the flu for Thanksgiving 2010

23 Nov

As if this month could be bad enough my 8 year old started running a 102 temp late Saturday night. I was able to get her temp down with Ibuprofen. I figured she had strep. Her only complaints were throat and head. Her temp did not go above 102 and she did not have the usual flu symptoms. I took her to the pediatricians office on Monday and they ruled out strep. He thought she may have another sinus infection however I questioned him on the medicine since she just got over one. He decided to check her for flu and sure enough she tested positive for type B. My girls have never had the flu before until now. When I got home my youngest was running a low grade temp. Fortunately my peds gave me tamiflu for both of the girls. My youngest is considered high risk because she was diagnosed with asthma. So far so good, they seem to have a very mild case.  Most of the cases I have heard about this kids are really bad off so thank you God that my girls were spared.

This month was already horrible but for my girls to get the flu before Thanksgiving thats just icing on an already crappy cake.

I do think they will be better by turkey day though and for that I can be very thankful!

Age of Autism

27 Sep

My friend posted this video on a new book written by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted.  They believe it is man made. They believe there is a link in thimerosal (mercury), to Autism.  A number of vaccines including the flu vaccine have this ingredient in it. I found this out when I went to have my daughters vaccinated with the flu vaccine last year. Wal-greens asked me if I wanted the preservative free flu vaccine for a little bit more money. They told me the regular flu vaccine had thimerosal in it which was a preservative. Of course I paid extra, I looked up thimerosal on the internet and it is mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin. It kind of freaked me out because we had always gotten the flu vaccine from the peds office but they did not have it in yet. How many years had I been putting that into their system? You can get preservative free vaccines for children and pregnant women at Wal-greens take care clinic for  a few dollars more. It is well worth it!

They still do not have all the answers but this is a must see video.

Pharmaceuticals pushing to vaccinate school children

13 Sep

I found this article very enlightening!

H1N1 handout admits to causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome

9 Sep

I was googling the H1N1 vaccine and I came across this article. This is interesting. I was so upset to find that they combined the H1N1 vaccine with the regular flu vaccine this year. Only because it is so new and the jury is still out on this thing. Also, President Obama gave the manufacturers a free slide if any reactions or deaths occurred. They are not liable. So far my hopes of finding a flu vaccine without the H1N1 are 0.

On another vaccine note, my youngest daughter had to have 5 vaccines for her four year check up. This is crazy people. I was able to split them up so she got two yesterday and we will go back before her 5th birthday and have the other 3. We are overloading our babies and children’s immune systems. I actually agree with vaccination but I think it has gotten way too excessive. Research, research, research anything that is going into yours or your child’s body.

2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine includes H1N1

2 Sep

I had heard about them possibly doing this last year but now it is official. All seasonal flu vaccines for this upcoming flu season will contain three strains of flu including H1N1.  I found this information by googling. I love google!!

“Is Puberty In Girls Coming Too Soon?”

10 Aug

I saw this report on ABC World News last night. I was one of those girls that started getting breasts at 8 and started my period at 9. I never wanted that to happen to my daughters. I understand what they are saying about obesity triggering estrogen and this makes sense. I also understand they are looking at environmental factors as well but what about all the hormones that are in our chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and beef? They did not even mention this on the news last night. Is it because we are in bed so to speak with the dairy and beef industry this is a taboo subject. I purposefully by eggs, and chicken with no hormones or antibiotics. We do not eat too much beef and my girls cannot have dairy.  Other than the body odor that started at age 6, my oldest has absolutely no signs of puberty and she is 8 and I am so forever thankful. I am glad they did this study but they need to address food and hormones as well as the other things they have suggested.