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Abortion Doctor arrested for murder

19 Jan

This should be unacceptable to all humanity.” Kelly Clinger

I could not even finish this article. I was in tears. As a mom who has had two beautiful girls, this is unfathomable to me. This is sick, cruel and horrific yet it goes on everyday in abortion clinics.

My heart cries out for all that have been lost. They have no voice and they have no choice.  Half the population 37 and under are no longer here due to abortion. These horrific acts on the unborn have to stop. I wanted my baby and it died yet hundreds of people choose to abort beautiful, innocent babies everyday.

They are not a piece of tissue. They are a baby!

I do find it interesting that this doctor in botched third trimester abortions is charged with killing a baby because it was outside the womb but if he had killed it inside the womb we would not be hearing about this because it would not be considered murder. It is murder! My heart is deeply saddened and my heart if burdened for these little ones.

I am joining with thousands of people around the world praying for this violence to end. I would ask you to join with us.


Age of Autism

27 Sep

My friend posted this video on a new book written by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted.  They believe it is man made. They believe there is a link in thimerosal (mercury), to Autism.  A number of vaccines including the flu vaccine have this ingredient in it. I found this out when I went to have my daughters vaccinated with the flu vaccine last year. Wal-greens asked me if I wanted the preservative free flu vaccine for a little bit more money. They told me the regular flu vaccine had thimerosal in it which was a preservative. Of course I paid extra, I looked up thimerosal on the internet and it is mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin. It kind of freaked me out because we had always gotten the flu vaccine from the peds office but they did not have it in yet. How many years had I been putting that into their system? You can get preservative free vaccines for children and pregnant women at Wal-greens take care clinic for  a few dollars more. It is well worth it!

They still do not have all the answers but this is a must see video.

Informed Decisions

23 Jun

My friend posted this website with all the ingredients to a number of vaccines. I was appalled. Human fetal tissue from aborted babies is in quite a few of these. Here is the link for you to make your own decision. It is not just childhood vaccines but all vaccines.

Surgery It is

14 Jun

So I had a SIS histogram today. It was not too bad just some mild cramping but it revealed that I have a polyp instead of hormone issues. Yay! I am going to have it removed in the next few weeks. My doctor said this is the best thing because the alternative is complicated and challenging. There is no cutting involved. I will be put in a twilight sleep and it will be removed very much the way they did the histogram. Prayerfully, this will get rid of the issues I was having. I also have a fibroid but they do not remove those for some reason.

Scoliosis an unexpected diagnosis

27 May

I took my oldest daughter to her 8 year check up and after chatting with the doctor she did the scoliosis test. I knew she passed it last year so I was not concerned. She said, “it looks like she does have a curved spine.” She redid the test and yes she did. I held it together until this afternoon and I cried. My beautiful tall 8 year old girl has this spine disease. What does this mean? What is the treatment? All these questions filled my head. I took her to our local hospital and had back x-rays so they see whether it is severe or mild. My grandmother said she thought she had this as a child. She has arthritis which can occur in the spine if left untreated. Prayerfully we caught this early. She has a wonderful pediatrician that is very thorough. She thought this was a mild case and there was nothing to worry about. This gave me comfort but still this is my baby and you never want to know there is anything wrong with your child. I did the mommy blame game. Did I cause this or not feed her something she should have. The answer is NO. It is hereditary but nothing I did personally caused this. Anyway this is our journey. Make sure your doctor checks your children especially girls at age 7-8 and continues each year. It is common and if caught early gives them a better chance at a normal life without pain.

Praying for the people of Chile

27 Feb

I just heard via my facebook friends that Chile had a 8.8 earthquake with almost 150 people so far dead. The entire pacific coast is under a tsunami warning. My prayers go out to those in Chile and for all those in the pacific that are awaiting another storm. May God’s protection be upon everyone of you in the path of this natural diseaster and those in Chile!

Do Vaccines Really Matter?

23 Oct

This is a very long article my friend sent me but well worth it.  It has some interesting findings.  I am in no way telling anyone they should or should not get vaccines including the H1N1 vaccine. I just thought this was fascinating.  I love medical stuff!