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BP Oil Disaster

4 Jun

I was sad when those men blew up on the oil rig but the disaster keeps getting worse. I cried last night watching the birds covered in oil barely alive and trying to open their eyes just barely able to move in all the goopy oil. Now it is reached Pensacola Beach. I am so sad for the gulf, tourist, fishermen and everyone that has been impacted by this spill. I am not sure they can ever get this all cleaned up. I just pray they can stop the continued leaks before it reaches the Atlantic.

I heard on the news last night that BP supplies gas to most gas stations which are not labeled as such so think about that when considering a boycott. Also they were saying that boycotting BP gas does not impact BP but the store owner and hundreds of more people could be out of business or work by engaging in such a boycott because these stores are independently owned and operated. BP has nothing to do with them except supply gas. I am not sure what the answer is to impact those who have harmed our beaches, people, and environment but think before you just go out and stop by BP.