Growing up

6 Jun

My oldest daughter just turned 9 and her pediatrician recommended a great book about your body and puberty. It’s by Lynda Madison and part of the American Girl Collection. The book is The Caring and Keeping of You Collection. The only part I did not care for is the eating disorder section. Otherwise, I think it is a great book through a kids point of view on how your body changes and ways to take care of your body. I have talked to Pookie since she was little about body changes but it would be good for her to ease her mind about the changes that will be going on.


Gluten Sensitivity

15 Mar

I’m on a journey of researching Gluten sensitivities. I don’t believe my daughter has Celiacs Disease but she has so many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity. One on the list was unexplained anemia. Since she was 1 years old when I started her on regular foods her levels have always been 10.5 or lower. She has been tested for every blood disease and no explanation as to why she has anemia. Shes had chronic sinus infections this is another symptom. Now I have cut some of the gluten from her diet by accident. She and her sister are lactose intolerant too so I have been looking closely at labels for years. I finally found waffles without dairy and they just happen to have no gluten. The real kicker is she has her third UTI and it is severe. She was vomiting because the pain was so bad the other night. My friend emailed me and said I should check into this. We are now seeing a pediatric urologist. This is a new journey for me but I want my baby well and it would also explain when she eats certain things she starts complaining her tummy hurts all the time.

If you have children or experience with gluten sensitivity, please comment. This is a new journey for our family!

Defund Planned Parenthood

1 Mar

If you have read any of my posts, you will know I’m pro-life. Here is a thought provoking commercial for defunding planned parenthood.

Consumer Sue Companies Over Zip Codes

23 Feb

Clark Howard is a local radio and news guy here and he is amazing! He shared in this article why companies want you to share your zip code. There are some reasons this is necessary but its not in all cases.

DC Cupcakes(Georgetown Cupcakes)

23 Feb

Okay I love this show. I have a few new favorites such as Cake Boss, and cupcake wars. I love cupcakes and watching this show I wanted to try them. TLC now has it set up where you can buy their cupcakes. It is a little pricey and I cannot believe I paid that much for 12 cupcakes but they look delicious. I also got their first season on DVD. I think it is so cool how they can make anything out of cupcakes.  I love the sister dynamic and I love supporting small businesses. Now if only cake boss would sell his cannolies or cakes online I would be in heaven!

My 8 year old forged my signature

23 Feb

Well, I thought this day would be during her teenage years but my 8 year old forged my signature on her reading log. She forgot it at school yesterday and I went to sign it for tonights reading and saw it had been signed yesterday. She just learned cursive so she did a great attempt and what a smart kid to think of it so she would not get in trouble. I had to bit my tongue. She is a sweet kid who always does the right thing so I was laughing inside that she thought of this. My friend said it best, ” We’ll call this funny but wrong!” We had a little discussion that it is never okay to forge mommy’s name. She apologized and said she would not do it again. I pray not, yikes!

Justin Bieber speaks out on Abortion, Sex and Health Care

16 Feb

It was an interesting article from Rolling Stone on Justin Bieber.