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Auditory Processing Disorder or something like that

19 Aug

I had a meeting with my oldest daughter’s school. She has difficulty following multistep directions which is reflected in her math scores. Her grades are straight As so she may not have APD but she has symptoms of it. Her school has come up with a plan to get her to advocate for herself and follow threw on directions. As of now her learning has not been affected but I do get concerned as she gets older. Parents I say this all the time you have to be observant of your kids and reach out and ask for help. I can have her tested for confirmation of this disorder but they are doing what they would do to help her whether she has this or not so I’m going to wait. Our doctor said it usually isn’t covered by insurance and is rather costly. We are racking up bills for PT so this will have to wait. Know if your child has this or issues with following multi-step directions that they are still smart and creative and talented. They just have to work extra hard to follow threw with routines. I am thankful she is grasping her materials at school and she has phenomenal teachers.



19 Aug

I heard recently that a friend had a popular pediatric dentist that was filling children’s teeth with fillings that had no cavities all due to the economy and the all mighty dollar. We had a horrible experience with the first dentist we took my oldest too. She had just had surgery so she freaked out when we went in. The dentist was so rude to her and called her names in front of us. She also said my princess had three cavities without doing x-rays. I found a another dentist that I had heard great things about and we had a very pleasent experience. My princess had NO cavities. Can you imagine if I let that horrible woman strap my baby down give her happy gas and fill teeth that did not need to be filled. Parents get a second opinion and be your kids advocate. If you aren’t, no one will be!


9 Apr

Have you ever heard of this bacterial infection? Probably not but it is an infection of the adenoids. Almost a year after my 2 1/2 year old daughter has been fighting infection after infection, we may have finally come to some answers. She has been on every antibiotic known to a child and then some. She has been tested for this disease and that deficiency. Now, after visiting the ENT and coming back with another infection and fever her pediatrician thinks instead of sinus infections she actually has infections in her adenoids.The antibiotics are only treating the surface issue and not the entire infection due to hers being moderately enlarged.  She is having surgery at the end of the month to remove her adenoids and the tissue to relieve her of these chronic infections.

Finally, some answers! I encourage you parents keep fighting for your kids. Keep pressing the doctors and do your own research. Had I pressed a little harder sooner we may have realized this sooner and prevented her from having to take so many medicines.  You are your child’s advocate!