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Sarah Palin endorses Karen Handel for Georgia Governor

10 Aug

I have always liked Sarah Palin. Two things that disturbed me though. She says she is pro life but while she was Governor she appointed a judge who was known to be pro choice. The second is her endorsement of Karen Handel for Georgia’s Governors race. Not only did Karen Handel give 1.2 million dollars over three years to Planned Parenthood but she was also a member of the Log Cabin Republicans (it is a group organized by the gay members of the GOP). This is a post from the Atlanta Journal Constitution discussing her membership. Georgia Voice has an a post out in which records show Karen Handel was a member of this group and she continued to work closely with Yeagar even in recent years, who was a leader in LCG. Here is another blog post on her endorsement of the gay agenda.

She is a liberal in conservative clothing. It is appalling. Karen Handel was the only candidate in the Repulican slew that was not endorsed by the Georgia Right To Life. How can Sarah Palin knowingly support someone who claims one thing but cannot get a prolife endorsement. I could not stand her before I heard this but the fact that Sarah Palin criticizes Obama on abortion issues  and on the homosexual agenda is just hypocritical. How can you consciously endorse someone who is the very opposite of what you portray?

Karen Hadel also accused her opponets of ethics violations when she herself has been accused and is being investigated for her own ethics violations. I am so sick of politicians. I want fresh, real people in here who truly care about the issues and not just fame and power.

If she wins the nomination, I may for the first time in my life vote democrat. She is not qualified, she lies, she has not finished one job that she has started and she is the exact opposite of what she portrays.

I have lost all respect for Sarah Palin. She has been such a disappointment and I really thought she was different.

Folks you need to do your research. Do not vote for someone based on celebrity endorsement, vote based on your convictions. Knowing your vote is going to change our world!