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Carrie Underwood Made History

19 Apr

I love Country Music. Carrie Underwood made history by winning two years in a row Entertainer of the Year. She deserves it. She is a very talented singer! Lady A. won  five of the seven awards that they were nominated for. It was just a terrific night all around. Here is a recap on all that happened last night!


American Idol was great last night!

7 Apr

Now we are getting to the competition. I think this week is going to be hard to send someone home because they all did great.  However, I think Tim or Andrew will be leaving us tonight. I could be wrong and there could be a shocker but this is my pick. I like both of these guys but my favorites are Siobhan, Mike, Lee and Crystal. I thought Katie did a fantastic job and I completely agree with Simon that Katie should go toward the country genre. Carrie Underwood has had great success. Carrie Underwood may be country but she is also modern/pop. I know what Simon was trying to say. Anyway, last night was by far my favorite performances from all the contestants and I am sad to see any of them go.

42nd Country Music Awards (2008)

13 Nov

I like more of the modern country music and I love watching these award shows. I am getting in touch with my southern roots. The opening duet with Brad Paisley and Keith Urban was great! This was a great way to start out. I thought Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were funny and did a great job.

Single of the year: George Straight

Song of the year: Jennifer Neville of Sugarland for her song “Stay”

Male Vocalist of the year: Brad Paisley ( I loved when he went down and kissed his wife and unborn baby in her stomach. I thought this was so sweet)

Female Vocalist of the year: Carrie Underwood ( Love her)

Vocal Group of the year: Rascal Flats

Best New Artist of the year: Lady Antebellum

Vocal Duo of the year: Sugarland

Album of the year: Geoge Straight

Some performances I really liked:

Taylor Swift performing “Love Story” from her album Fearless

Jason Aldeen from Macon, Georgia perfoming “She’s country” Go Georgia!

It moved me when Leslie Ponder came out to talk about her husband who had been killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan back in 2005. Her speech really moved me and the song Carrie Underwood did was awesome!

Sugarland perfmoring “It’s love”.

Entertainer of the Year: Kenny Chesney

Brad Paisley perfoming “waiten on a woman” very romantic.

Strange seeing Darius Rutker performing country. He was the lead singer of Hootie and The Blowfish. Did a pretty good job though.

Brooks and Dunn performing with Reba. I loved this song and I love Reba. She is great actress and awesome singer.

Kellie Pickler: I liked her performance last year a little bit more. She is a great vocalist. Did not care for the skimpy outfit thought. Liked the boots!

Rodney Atkins: Loved the patriotic song about America. It was a feel good song about this great country of ours!

Trace Atkins performing a song about slowing down. I discovered him by watching celebrity apprentice last year. He is awesome. This song is so true. I think we are always trying to jump ahead to the next thing when we really need to stop, slow down and enjoy the ride whether good or bad.