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Potty Training and Preschool

1 Feb

My oldest did not go to a preschool with the potty training policy. I also taught at that preschool and I had to clean up a number of messes. It is just the life of a mom and teacher.

I just read this article on a three year old who was potty trained but the schedule the school set for potty breaks threw this little girl off and she stared having accidents. The school suspended her for a month because she broke their potty training policy. The mom found a school with no potty training policy and she has not had an accident since. This is crazy. I had pressure to train my youngest because she could not go into a church class or preschool class without being trained. Fortunately she was easy but this is crazy. You have to be flexible with kids. Accidents should not be punished. You need grace. If a child was potty trained and all the sudden had accidents you need to find out why not automatically suspend them.


“I am woman. Hear me roar. ”

11 May

Pastor Ken preached one of the best messages on Mom’s that I have ever heard. He surveyed his female friends and colleagues on motherhood. Some of the responses he got back were speaking right at me.  Some of the comments he received back were: moms feeling a constant sense of comparison to other moms. As moms, we do not seem to know how to say no to others. We feel this pressure from society and ourselves that we have to be perfect and we are constantly comparing ourselves to that perfect mom. Putting God first is a challenge. Not defining myself as just a mom. I have every single one of these. This told me once again I am not alone.

In 1 Samuel 1 and 2, there are 12 things God wants us to know.

1. Mom’s story does not begin  the day I was born.

As women we all have a story to tell before we had children. We have hopes, dreams and desires for our lives.

2. Following Godly principles; be the mom God created you to be without comparison.

We put so much pressure on our selves when we compare ourselves to others. We need to support one another instead of criticizing and comparing. God created us all to unique and have different giftings not to be the same.  I may be great in some areas but lacking in others. This is where the support should come in.

3. In every story there will be hurt.

Hannah is not able to be a mom.  This is so common today and we need to be sensitive to the needs of others but also being a mom has its own sense of burdens.

4. Ladies if you don’t realize it, men do not always know what to say.

He was speaking of Hannah’s husband asking why she was crying all the time and the priest not being very compassionate towards her during her time of prayer and sadness.

5. The craziness of motherhood will not be solved by leaving God out.

He was saying that we need to make time for God. God knows exactly what we need and we have to keep up with our spiritual life. I can attest to this. I feel so out of control and in a total state of chaos when I am not praying. I need to make time for my devotional time more. It is so hard trying to balance everything but I do need to fit it in.

6. If you are blessed with children, remember they are part of the family not the center of the family.

This is so true. You have to make time for your spouse, for yourself and your spiritual life. I am still working on this. My hubby and I are actually going away for two nights this year. We have NEVER done this but we so need it. We love our girls but our time together is so important too. Kids can sense when there is peace or when there is strife.  By placing your kids as the center, you are going to be let down when they spread their wings and fly one day. Your whole world cannot revolve around your children. They do not need that pressure and neither do you!

7. How are you doing with your promises?

What kinds of promises did you make yourself when you first became a parent? Are you keeping those or putting them by the way side?

8. Joy comes from God and not our circumstances.

We need to praise you God no matter what we are going through. Hannah did this and so did Job.

9. God is Holy and great regardless of our circumstances.

10. The Lord defends the weak.

God sees your struggles just as he did with Hannah.

11. God can be trusted in all things.

12. Mother’s have a great prophetic gift.

We have this ability to shape our children’s lives. In the prayer Hannah prayed she spoke of a king long before God allowed a king to rule over Israel. Sometimes we have sense about something or God has spoken something to us that is not in any book or doctor.

One thing that really struck me was the guilt or worry some moms face. I do too. “Did I do enough as a mom?” ” Did my child go to sleep sad, angry, lonely?”

There is also so much pressure to put them in activities to build their skills and character. Am I putting them in the right one? Sometimes I wish I could do more but we just don’t have the financial means to do so.

I have started watching this show Tori and Dean and I love it. I think because they do love each other and their kids and it shows. They are just like my family minus the money. Tori is so much like me and these moms. Her husband just tries things but Tori is constantly checking to make sure they are okay or give a reminder to her husband. I am the same way. I tend to be more cautious where as my husband says let them try or go for it. This is how they learn. This is very true but I am still a mom. I think about my kids even while I am sleeping. Are they cold? Are they scared? Do they feel okay?

It is nice to know our pastor, other moms and even Hollywood stars have the same issues I do as a mom. I hope this encourages you today that WE are not alone. We all just want to be the greatest mom on earth. While we may not feel that way sometimes, our kids would say otherwise!

Thank you Jesus… you are!

15 Nov

Our church dance team performed a dance to this song this morning. It really touched me. I hope it encourages you and gives you hope the way it did for me and so many others this morning!

Elephant in the pew

12 Sep

Victory World Church is where we grew up mostly spiritually but it will always have a special place in my heart. Anyway, they made the local paper as the church breaking all barriers by talking about a taboo subject  SEX! Elephant in the pew is the latest series Pastor Dennis Rouse is preaching.  Our pastors were always open about this subject. Here is the article written in the Gwinnett Daily Post. Here is Victory World Church’s website where you can listen to the message online.

Kris Allen singing God of this City

22 May

I love this song and a friend found this video on youtube. This is Kris Allen leading worship at his church.

Our Economy

20 Mar

Pastor, Dennis Rouse, from Victory World Church preached a timely and encouraging message on our economy. I think you will be encouraged by what he says.

Today, I want to write about something that seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, and something I addressed in my message this past weekend…our finances. (If you missed it, you can listen to or watch that message here.) We need a revelation from God about our finances, especially as we walk through this difficult time. So, let me say this first off: God always takes care of His people; He never forsakes us. However, it is up to us as to whether we will walk according to His vision for our finances, and so experience His peace and provision; or according to the world’s vision, and so experience the heartache and destruction that is so prevalent in the news.

Money is the number one competitor against God for our hearts. It affects everything in our lives – our education, our parenting, our marriage, etc. When we don’t understand it, we abuse it. We need to understand that the true purpose for the money God has given us is not just for us to have stuff, but for us to experience the joy of using it to accomplish His purposes.

In the earth, there are two economies that operate side by side: the world’s economy, which is ruled by Satan; and God’s economy, which is, of course, ruled by God. The world’s economy operates with one key principle: “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7 NKJ) When we continue to use debt, we put ourselves into slavery to the credit companies, the government and, ultimately, to Satan. God doesn’t want us to be enslaved to anyone. He wants to deliver us out of debt. Let there be no question: His will for us is to be debt-free.

So, we need to make a shift in the way we think about money and the economic system we’ve grown up in and gotten used to. Our answer does not lie there, nor with either side of the current public debate about the “right” way to solve our economic woes. (Honestly, in this case as with many others, both sides are wrong.) Our help doesn’t come from the world’s economy, but from God. It’s His side we need to get on! How? By seeking Him first. That’s the master key to God’s economy. We have to stop worrying. Our God provides for us, there’s plenty. We only have to stay hooked up to Him. Worrying doesn’t change anything.

When we seek God first, everything we need will be given to us. (Matthew 6:33)

When we’re seeking God first, we don’t take out loans, we don’t go into debt, we don’t buy things we don’t have money for. Those things only lead to enslavement. Do you want to be enslaved to lenders, the government or the whims of this world’s economy? Of course not! Neither do I, and neither does God want that for us. No, God wants you and me to experience the peace and joy of trusting Him completely and the freedom to use the money He has given us to accomplish His purposes, to see lives changed and this world transformed through our Spirit-led generosity. Doesn’t that sound a lot more exciting than what’s been on the news the last several months?! Yes, it does! That’s why you need to get God’s Vision for Your Financial Life.

Vision for the Family

25 Feb

Our pastor preached his second message this past weekend on vision. This week it was on the family and a vision for your family. It was an inspiring message. Our pastor has switched his semons from e-notes to a blog so please click on this link to hear and read the message. It was awesome and a timely one at that.