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50 Jobs in 50 States

9 Jan

I heard this awesome story about a guy named, Daniel, that just graduated college with a finance degree. He applied for over 40 jobs and he was turned down all 40 plus times. The number one reason was no experience. He thought, ” how do I get job experience?”

He started applying for all different types of jobs in all 50 states. He got those jobs by telling the owners he was a quick study and he is doing research. He couldĀ  write a book on this. Anyway, he has been a logger, a wedding coordinator, worked in fast food, he has been a bull rider and done so many other things . He has actually had 10 job offers since then. He is getting the work experience he needs.

Also, since the economy is so bad he will have all this experience to fall back on. It just goes to show if you are willing to work , you can find a job. He is very talented and creative to come up with something like this and I know he will be very successful in life!