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The Top 9 on American Idol

14 Apr

After last nights performance I say Andrew, Katie, Aaron and Siobhan gave the weakest performances. I did not care for Casey’s either but he has a big fan base so I feel he will be safe. My favorite performances were from Crystal, Lee, Mike and Tim. I really like Siobhan so I hope she can stay but she needs to figure out who she is and bump it up. I think some Kelly Clarkston would be a good start.

I really liked Adam Lambert mentoring because he told it like it was from an artist perspective but also a from being a contestant on AI. Most of the mentors say “oh they are great”and they seem like  “yes” men but he said, “hey that was boring or you need to smile”. I like that!


American Idol Results Shocker

7 Apr

I called Andrew and Aaron in the bottom three but I was not expecting Mike. I figured he would be safe then he was in the bottom two. My jaw dropped as they called Andrew’s name as being safe. What? So thankful the judges saved him. I know he will be in the final four! I love that song he does and I pray he puts it on his album!! My pick for final four: Mike, Crystal, Lee and Siobhan! I think Crystal will win!!

American Idol was great last night!

7 Apr

Now we are getting to the competition. I think this week is going to be hard to send someone home because they all did great.  However, I think Tim or Andrew will be leaving us tonight. I could be wrong and there could be a shocker but this is my pick. I like both of these guys but my favorites are Siobhan, Mike, Lee and Crystal. I thought Katie did a fantastic job and I completely agree with Simon that Katie should go toward the country genre. Carrie Underwood has had great success. Carrie Underwood may be country but she is also modern/pop. I know what Simon was trying to say. Anyway, last night was by far my favorite performances from all the contestants and I am sad to see any of them go.

American Idol 3-31-2010

31 Mar

UPDATE: Didi did go home. I was sad because I love her voice but there are others that are in it to win it. I believe eventually Tim and Katie will go home. The top four will be Mike, Lee, Crystal and Siobhan. I could be wrong but these are the strongest of the four.

Lee and Crystal were my favorites of the night and Mike did another fantastic job.  Andrew also did well! I think Didi will be leaving tonight. She has consistently had several bad weeks. I love her voice but she is singing songs that are way to mature for her. She does need to be more current. We’ll see after the results right? Anything can happen!

American Idol 2010 is boring this season!

25 Mar

This is one of my favorite shows but this year is so boring. I have a few favorites such as Crystal, Mike, Lee and Aaron and after the rolling stones week I love Sioben! I miss Lily and I just think so many of them are picking boring songs. Out of the top 100 hits they mostly picked older songs. What about today? Now Crystal totally picked the right song. I hope next week is better. I was glad to see Paige go I feel she did not take enough risks and this week was horrible. I predict Andrew off next week unless he starts picking the right song and the same goes for Tim. I love his voice but come on! My favorite moment so far was Mike singing this woman’s work! I am with Kara it brought me to tears. He ought to knock it out of the park next week!!