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Releasing the Blessing

6 Dec

Our Pastor’s wife, Colleen Rouse, preached this past weekend on releasing the blessing. Here are the notes from that sermon:

WE: Releasing the Blessing

Last week, I talked about Breaking Generational Curses. This week, for the second message in “WE,” Unleashing the Power of Family, my wife Colleen talked about the next and more exciting step: Releasing the Blessing. She brought a message that was full of power, life, encouragement and hope. Here’s a little bit of what she said:

Home is the most important place on earth. Yet, our experience tells us that it’s not always the best place. It’s certainly not always the place that teenagers want to run to. But home is supposed to be a place where you receive attention, blessing, love, affection and value; a safe haven. That kind of a home doesn’t just happen by chance. There are things we need to do in order to create it.

For most of us, our parents gave us the best they had, but too often what they had was a lot of cursing. However, we live in a generation that has access to a lot more understanding and wisdom about generational curses and blessings. We are a transitional generation. We can be a catalyst for change. We can stop passing on the curses and start passing down the blessings – blessings that will last a thousand generations.

It’s never too late to start creating a “Blessing Zone” in our homes. Here’s what this kind of household looks like:

  1. The family is committed to honoring the Lord Jesus as the center of the home.
  2. Each family member is accepted and honored for who they are uniquely created to be.
  3. The climate of the home is positive, void of negative undercurrents and overall, the state of the home is non-judgmental.
  4. Guards are established, preventing toxic communication in the home; harsh and unjust words are avoided.
  5. Communication is done with regard to that which is honoring, live-giving and acceptable in God’s sight.
  6. Members of the family genuinely care for one another and demonstrate their affection on a daily basis.

There’s a tremendous amount of power and blessing in this teaching. Make sure you listen to or watch the whole message if you want to learn how to release generational blessings into your family line for generations to come. Also, if you haven’t already done so, let me encourage you to take advantage of the Ancient Paths Classes that we offer regularly throughout the year. It covers all this and more in depth, going through the process of breaking generational curses and releasing generational blessings. Let’s stop the destructive power of the enemy in our families and in our culture. Start releasing the blessing!