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19 Aug

I heard recently that a friend had a popular pediatric dentist that was filling children’s teeth with fillings that had no cavities all due to the economy and the all mighty dollar. We had a horrible experience with the first dentist we took my oldest too. She had just had surgery so she freaked out when we went in. The dentist was so rude to her and called her names in front of us. She also said my princess had three cavities without doing x-rays. I found a another dentist that I had heard great things about and we had a very pleasent experience. My princess had NO cavities. Can you imagine if I let that horrible woman strap my baby down give her happy gas and fill teeth that did not need to be filled. Parents get a second opinion and be your kids advocate. If you aren’t, no one will be!


Can the tooth fairy leave IOUs?

30 Jan

Over Christmas my four year old lost a tooth. Yes, she is quite young and she already has her adult tooth. Well we were at the Dentist the other day and they informed me she has three more loose teeth and several on top not too far behind. I think I may have to take out a small loan. So my question is can the tooth fairy leave IOUs?