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Eating To Live

9 Jan

My husband wrote a really great post on the healthy lifestyle we are now on. I am at the very least 40 pounds overweight and my hubby as he writes says 80 pounds for him. We know these numbers because our doctor has said we both need to lose weight for our health. My father died at age 39 and I will be 32 this year. I want to live a long and happy life with my husband and girls. It is hard to give up those comfort foods and go for it but something clicked right after Christmas. It may be my already oversized clothes were getting tight or I was out of breath going up the stairs but something had to change. I want to be alive and energetic for me and my kids. Husband and I feel so much better.

This book was written by a doctor, Joel Fuhrman. I think the reason I like it so much is the recipes are economical. You can use ketchup or salsa things I can buy store brand to save money. Fruits and veggies can cost more but I have been searching the ads. This week Publix had the best deals and their stuff seems fresher to me. I guess it will even out because we are not buying all the snacks and junk we were buying. I still buy whole wheat pretzels for the girls and their organic cereal bars but no snack stuff for us. I also like this guy because he is not so rigid as other doctor’s books I have read.

You can still eat sweets if you desire but you set a splurge day instead of gourging on stuff all the time. Right now because we need to get the weight off and we have both been sick, we have taken a 30 day break from sweets. Husband and I have taken a break from sweets before. If you do go back and eat something sweet, it is actually gross. You should try it.

My body is now craving strawberries, grapes, clementines, broccolie, squash, spinach, brussel sprouts, and salads. My favorite thing to do is to steam all of our veggies in the Ziploc steam bags. I saw these on the biggest loser. What captured my attention was the fact they do not have the toxin BPA in them so it is safe to use. Husband fills one of these up with fresh veggies and takes it to work with him.

Here is my hubby’s post.