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My Hubby is now an unemployment statistic

24 Sep

He makes up the 10.4 % unemployment rate from August. This was a really big blow to our family but God has totally provided especially because Unemployment was held up due to a wrong SS# being posted by his former company. All is worked out and we are praying he finds employment soon. I love having him around but a consistent pay check with benefits would be even nicer. God is teaching us so much about being dependent on him. People have showed up at our door step with groceries or mailed us money that we had not expected. His promises are true!

My hubby has done some contract work, we have sold everything we can and I have applied for some part-time jobs.

If you have lost your job or know someone that has, hang on. God is not forsaking you. Keep pressing in. I have to believe things will get better!


Money saving deals

21 May

This month with all the birthdays, mother’s day and extra doctor bills we are on a very limited grocery budget. God totally provided. Kroger had some awesome deals such as $1.99 a lb chicken, tooth paste for $1 then I had a $1 coupon so it was free. They had name brand deodorant marked down to $1. Their own brand of cereals are actually cheaper than Wal-mart and the cereals taste good. We got a box of cereal for $1.77. It tastes just like the brand name ones. Wal-mart had their brand for $2.98.  I also buy store brand oatmeal for my girls. They eat it every morning for breakfast. It is $1.94 at Kroger and Wal-mart. Kroger has also marked their bread down from $1.69 to $1.49 also cheaper than Wal-mart. Right now we switched to store brand peanut butter and saved some money. The fruits, veggies and lunch meat I wanted were on sale. I bought Kroger eggs for $0.88 cents a dozen. I usually like Egg lands Best but they have gone way up in price so this time I bought store brand. This is also cheaper than Wal-mart. Kroger had their 100% juice on sale for $1.69 and their Nutra Grain bars were $2.15 as opposed to Wal-mart for $2.50.

I support those who are doing their part to help lower prices during these hard economic times. We also switched to Kroger Gas. We used to only use Chevron because we had a gas card but for no reason at all they lowered our limit to $140. They deduct money out of our account so we always pay on time and have no balance on our card. I guess with people defaulting on their payments we all suffrer. Anyway the final straw was my card was declined on Mother’s day because they had not taken the payment out yet and it was close to the new limit they set. It put me in a bind to take money out of our account that had not been budgeted for, so I pulled some cash from our savings to give us a cushion and we will no longer be using Chevron or their card. I take my business else where when we have been excellent customers for over 10 years and you just lower out limit with no warning. We are saving money in the process.

I encourage you to shop around, clip coupons and I will continue passing on these great deals.

A Sip of Tea

22 Apr

I love this guy, Zo, in the youtube video. I encourage you to watch it because this is what the tea parties are all about not about being racist. It was conservatives, independents and liberals. Some of these people even voted for Obama . They are opposing big Government and spending. All the pork that is being added to these bills that get passed within a few days that the lawmakers don’t even read. It is about spending our grandchildren’s future away. You cannot spend your way out of a recession/depression. Ask Japan!! People have had enough!

Why I like Mike Huckabee

20 Mar

He was one of the 2008 presidential candidate. I voted for him because he stood for the same issues I did. He was a former pastor and a humbled servant. He has common sense solutions to todays overwhelming problems. I love watching him on his show, Huckabee on Fox, or as a news contributor on other Fox shows.

My husband and I were speaking on this very subject last night. I think he would do well in 2012 as  a presidential candidate because he has the likability factor as well as conservative values that many Americans are wanting to get back too. He brings the social justice and the moral justice together instead of it being split between two parties. I think this makes him a well rounded candidate as well. I love the fact he wants to overhaul the IRS and have a fair tax. I am all for it. I think the American people will be on board too when they realize that 95% of the people will be PAYING taxes because of all the negligent spending this administration has done.

These are just a few of the reasons I like Mike Huckabee. Check out his site at huckpac.com

50 Jobs in 50 States

9 Jan

I heard this awesome story about a guy named, Daniel, that just graduated college with a finance degree. He applied for over 40 jobs and he was turned down all 40 plus times. The number one reason was no experience. He thought, ” how do I get job experience?”

He started applying for all different types of jobs in all 50 states. He got those jobs by telling the owners he was a quick study and he is doing research. He could  write a book on this. Anyway, he has been a logger, a wedding coordinator, worked in fast food, he has been a bull rider and done so many other things . He has actually had 10 job offers since then. He is getting the work experience he needs.

Also, since the economy is so bad he will have all this experience to fall back on. It just goes to show if you are willing to work , you can find a job. He is very talented and creative to come up with something like this and I know he will be very successful in life!

Santa Clause

5 Dec

I was reading the paper this morning and read the saddest stories of kids not asking Santa for the usual Xbox or Wii. They are asking Santa for daddy a job or money to keep or buy back their home. I don’t remember Christmas being like this before. It is just sad. The Santa clause that was interviewed stated that you cannot make promises to these kids, you just have to tell them it will be ok or things will get better soon. I cannot imagine what these kids are going through.

My best friend’s brother in law just lost their house to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy. They had to move several states away to a mobile home. They have two children 8 and 5. Their girls were so upset at having to leave their friends, their home and family all within a matter of days.

My heart breaks for these families. This seems to be the norm these days. I am praying for all these families but also thanking God my husband found a job and we have food, clothing and shelter. I think this Thanksgiving I am more thankful than ever.

I know this has to be a hard burden to bear if you are playing Santa Clause. I pray that all Santas will be sensitive.

Executive Orders

10 Nov

We need to be in prayer as there are several issues before President-elect Obama that he may repeal. One example is using our federal tax dollars overseas to pay for third world countries abortions. I did not know we had a ever done that but we did under the Clinton Administration. Bush went in there and changed that in his first 100 days. Many people may be for choice but I think mainstream America is not for our tax dollars paying for third world countries abortions when we have families out of work and the economy in dire straights. Congress has no authority on this issue.  President Obama can go in there and change all of Bush’s policies with one stroke of a pen. We need to be in prayer. Here is the article from Ed Morrissey regarding other things he may change in his first 100 days.