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Auditory Processing Disorder

6 Jun

From the time my little pookie started preschool which was 2, we were asked if she had hearing problems. She has passed all of her hearing tests even the one the school gave her a few months ago. Her grades are all A’s and an occasional B. Her test scores are through the roof. She exceeded above the national average on every area but math. Math she met the expectation on. She baffled her teacher this year because she takes almost no info in through her hearing and 98% visual learner. She is above grade level in reading and writing. She was almost placed in gifted but didn’t quite pass their test required to get in. I spoke with her pediatrician about it and she said Pookie may have a disorder called Auditory Processing Disorder. I am not going through the school to hopefully have her tested. It is very frustrating year after year to hear teachers ask if she has hearing issues. This would explain so much if she does have this. To have her tested I will have to have the teacher bring her up on SST. Hopefully, we can get some answers. While she is doing well now, I’m concerned about upper grades. She had a very patient teacher this year who worked with her but some teachers may not be so patient and understanding with 30 kids. She absolutely cannot follow multi-step directions. You physically have to stand in front of her and repeat each thing one at a time. My four year however can get a list of instructions audibly and follow them with no issues. Praying they will still test her since her grades and test scores are so high.


Teacher Orientation

5 Aug

My dad started praying over me before each school year back when I went to public school. He would pray for favor, the right teachers and for me to do well. I have continued this with my girls. We just met my oldest daughter’s third grade teacher and I love her. She is a believer and she is very nice. I have heard third grade is tough because they are tested ALOT and there is so much more responsibility. She taught Kindergarten four years ago so she still has that nurturing side to her. She LOVES teaching and said it is her “calling”. Anyone who loves what they are doing are usually phenomenal at what they do. We have loved every one of Sarah’s teachers. Prayer is a powerful thing! If you are not accustomed to praying over your kids or for who they will get as teachers I encourage you to do so. God honors those simple request as well.


9 Apr

Ok so now here is a topic I never discuss.  I personally think this is something you should keep between your spouse in my case or partner. I think this is a private matter. However, the reason I am bringing this up is I saw on Oprah a doctor, I think, discussing how you should talk to your child and teen about sex. I thought ok this may be good. Big shock once she got past talking to the 10 year old. She started talking about “self pleasuring” and “sex toys.” I am sorry but I am not discussing these kinds of things with my daughters. I am with  Gail, kids and teens today know way to much and are doing to much. I am all for educating my children on the issue of sex and puberty when that time comes. I totally disagree with teaching your children about these things. Education is key in keeping them safe and making wise decisions.  I can see that Oprah will probably get tons of letters on this issue. You could even see the older teen girls cringe in their seats when she was discussing these things. I actually turned it off.

When Pookie has questions, I want to answer them. I already have answered some of her questions about puberty and body changes because she notices that my body isn’t exactly like hers but I kept it brief and in terms she could understand. She knows that our bodies will go through changes as we get older. I don’t want her to be afraid of those changes like I was. I had no clue what was going on with my body. I was 8 when I first started developing. I had no explanation other than this happens. Why?

I vowed that day if I had daughters I would teach them.  I want our relationship to be as open as possible. I want her and  peanut to come to me for answers, but I think it crosses the line when you start teaching them about sex toys, how to reach orgasm, and pleasuring yourself. In Oprah’s words, “this is very controversial.” I would agree!

Why we do not measure by people’s feet!

6 Nov

Pookie brought home this big foot she had cut out.

“Mommy do you know why we do not measure things by people’s feet?”

“No, why?”

“It is not a standard measurement. People’s feet are all different sizes. Rulers are a standard measurement.”

So smart!

Mean mommy

30 Oct

Pookie’s teacher told me that we have to work on her writing. Her writing is fine but she writes her letters to far apart, close together or some capital and some lowercase and they have strict writing rules at her school. She said she wants to be stricter on her this year because next year they will hand back every paper and make her re-do it if it is not up to standard.

So every time I try and help Pookie correct some of her letters, she breaks done in tears. I feel like the worst mother ever. I certainly don’t want my child to become a perfectionist. I was and it is impossible standards to live up to. I keep reminding her that I think her letters and words are lovely we just have to work on spacing and making our letters fit in the lines. I try to comfort her and compliment on how nice her writing is looking.

Writing of course is her weakest area and she does not care for it. She would rather read or do math but I remember as a child having trouble with my writing and my teachers pushing me and my writing is fine now. Of course I am not being graded on it, so maybe that is the difference. She has had trouble with her fine motor skills since she was two. Or at least that is when it was pointed out to me by her preschool teachers. Normally, I do not write on sensitive or private issues with my children but like the body odor post I think this could help someone out there or encourage me that I am not a bad mom.