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A Miscarriage

20 Nov

I am only writing about my story because I know I am not alone. So many friends and family have reached out, and shared their story with me.

Here’s my story: I had been really sick with two ear infections, vertigo, nausea and a cold. I was throwing up and bleeding for a month. I knew something was wrong. I found out I was pregnant.  I had no insurance and my husband was out of work. This could not have come at a worse time. I was upset and in shock. This was not planned and so unexpected. I have two girls and I love kids. We want a whole house full but the timing was so off. I called my OB and they did some blood work. Everything appeared to be fine except my progestin levels were slightly lower then they would like. I started meds and I was scheduled for an ultra sound. I got the horrible news on Tuesday, November 9th that not only was I only measuring 6 weeks along when I should be 10 but there was no heart beat. I was beyond devastated. This means my body has been holding my little one and making me think all was okay. I was as sick as a dog yet my little one had already passed on. How cruel and to make matters worse I found I was pregnant yet my baby was already gone. This is something I don’t understand. I don’t understand how any of this could happen. I was full of guilt for being upset  yet I knew I did nothing wrong. I do not smoke, drink and I eat fairly healthy.

I have so many questions. I cried all day after my surgery and I went into a depression. I have gone through all the grieving emotions. These emotions are all too familiar as I have been through them before when my dad passed away. I have my good days and I have my bad. I am trying to keep super busy and get back into my routine.

God is  getting me through this and slowly healing my heart. I do have a support system. I have two beautiful girls, my hubby who has been amazing and grieving right along with me. Family members who are there for me to cry, get angry and pray with. Friends who are more like family then some of our own family. Bringing us groceries, sitting with me while I have to sign a death certificate and make arrangements on what to do with my little one. This was such a huge blow to us but I know I am not alone. I don’t understand it but I know I am not alone.

People who have not been through this don’t understand. They do try to make you feel better but some comments should just be kept to yourself. ” I’m sorry for your loss”,  and “I’m praying for you” are wonderful.  Please don’t say, “you’ll move past this.” No this was a child created out of love whether by plan or not that will not have a chance to grow up for whatever reason but knowing my baby is in heaven with all the other babies lost gives me great comfort. I will heal but you never truly get over a loss. It gets a little easier as the years go on but you never get over it.

I am a very private person but so many people have come forward and shared their story and I want to help someone else as women have helped me get through this. I have a friend who was entering her second trimester and she was pregnant with twins. She lost them a few days before we found out. We have been grieving together and praying for each other. I just want you to know you are not alone. Cry, get angry, pray whatever you have to do but don’t hold it in. Hold on to your faith. Hold on to your loved ones. I am not sure if we will have any more children because I cannot go through this again but I love my girls and they do truly bring me great comfort.


Gianna’s Story: An abortion survivor

30 Sep

Gianna is amazing woman with an phenomenal story of hope, courage and forgiveness. I am pro-life but she is the face of the pro-life movement. You hear what a woman is going through what about these innocent babies. She was given saline to abort her at 7 1/2 mos of her mother’s pregnancy but surprise she survived.

Praying for Bishop Eddie Long, his family and his church

27 Sep

I was so saddened when I heard the lawsuits coming in against Eddie Long and his church. I love hearing him preach. He has ministered to me and my family through his TV messages for years. I personally do not believe he did the things he is accused of. My prayers go out to him, his family and his congregation. We should go to prayer instead of rushing to judgement.

Here are some of the remarks he made during his address to his congregation yesterday morning from CNN.

My Hubby is now an unemployment statistic

24 Sep

He makes up the 10.4 % unemployment rate from August. This was a really big blow to our family but God has totally provided especially because Unemployment was held up due to a wrong SS# being posted by his former company. All is worked out and we are praying he finds employment soon. I love having him around but a consistent pay check with benefits would be even nicer. God is teaching us so much about being dependent on him. People have showed up at our door step with groceries or mailed us money that we had not expected. His promises are true!

My hubby has done some contract work, we have sold everything we can and I have applied for some part-time jobs.

If you have lost your job or know someone that has, hang on. God is not forsaking you. Keep pressing in. I have to believe things will get better!

IHOP-pancakes suing IHOP-prayer

17 Sep

I think this is ridiculous especially because IHOP-prayer has been in existence for 10 years why are they suddenly suing now? Here is the news story from CNN.

I actually do not eat at IHOP pancakes because it makes me very ill. I love IHOP-Atlanta it has been a life changing experience for me and my family. We worship there every weekend in Atlanta. There are IHOPs-prayer houses all over the world not just in the USA.

Romans 8:28 will prevail here and now our name is getting out all over the world. It was just us in the IHOP communities that knew about the prayer IHOP but now thanks to pancakes IHOP everyone will know.

My friend posted this on my page and I have to share because it is funny and so true: “It’s hard to confuse the Holy Spirit with the rooty tooty fresh and fruity!”

Happy 4th of July!

2 Jul

I  stop and give thanks to God for our wonderful country! I also want to thank all of those who have in the past or who are currently serving in our military. You are the reason we celebrate freedom today.

Thank you for you courageous sacrifice and service to our great country!


1 Jul

My Hubby wrote this post on vision and I think it is the best teaching on vision I have  ever heard. It is a must read!!