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Diagnosis: Not scoliosis

11 Jun

Praise you Jesus! My 8 year old said, ” nothing is impossible for God and she said she has faith to be healed.” The official diagnosis from our orthopedic doctor is she does have two slight curves in her spine. He said but officially she does not have scoliosis because they have to measure a certain number to be classified as such. He said it could go into it but as of now she does not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with it. We go back in a year to recheck her.



2 Jun

No I am not talking about International House of Pancakes but the International House of Prayer in Atlanta. There are actually International Houses of Prayer all over the world. The House of prayer is phenomenal. It has really brought my husband and I closer to God. Hearing God’s heart and bringing us closer to our calling. The out pouring and the love is amazing. My girls love it too. It is a 24 hour 7 day a week house of prayer. You can get prayer any time of day or you can go to pray. They also hold seminars from time to time. They have worship music as well as revival services on the weekend. I really heard the heart of God last weekend and it has made me realize he really does love us and care about us. He is not just a being that walks around with a big stick. He really does care about you, me and the entire world. I love being in his presence and talking about the things of God with my husband. It has just been a healing and learning time for us. Hundreds of people have been healed and delivered through these revival meetings. I  LOVE  IT!


29 Jun

Life is too short! It saddens me that someone would let a misunderstanding via email end a relationship. All we can do is forgive and move on. God is the only one that can heal this.


9 Apr

Easter Sunday is coming up in a few days. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. I think this gives me such peace and joy to know that the God I worship and pray to is alive. He is real.

I also believe Jesus still heals and the stripes he bore on his back are representation of that healing. I heard from a friend today that her MRI came back negative which is awesome. Her dizziness she was experiencing is gone. She is just waiting on the test from the mass on her neck. She is filled with peace and hope and all of this other good news continues that hope that everything will be ok. This was great news and I felt it appropriate to write about. We hear all these bad things all the time with the economy and life that I wanted to share something uplifting and positive.

Happy Easter and Passover!


25 Aug

We are taking a class at our church on healing and I have to say it was eye opening for me because I could apply these principles to other areas of my life. Something that sent a light bulb off in my head was faith and trust in God has to come from knowing him. How do you trust someone you do not know? Good question. I love God with all of my heart and I pray every day but one area I lack discipline is reading my Bible. This has been an area I have needed to work on for a while. I think some of my trust issues have to do with not knowing who God truly is enough to trust his promises for me. I know it all in my head but don’t quite have it in my heart.

So, this morning I got up a little early and I read just a little bit in Romans on Faith. I want to have that unwavering faith that Abraham had when God gave him the promise of a son and being the father of nations.  I then got on the tread mill and really started praying and I felt energized. I think we get bound up in legalism that says you have to read so many chapters a day or you are not a good Christian. I want to work up to that but I also want to get revelation off of what I am reading. I don’t want to read the Bible just to say I did my daily quota. I want to meditate and really get the word in my spirit.

I want to change the way I say things. Sometimes we are in our current situations because of our negative tongue. We really have to watch what we say with our lips. The tongue is a powerful weapon. We can curse people with it or bring life. I am trying to watch what I say regarding sickness and our financial situation. It says in the Bible to look at the unseen (which is faith) and not look at your circumstances. We need to keep our focus on Jesus, be obedient and do what he is telling us to do and the rest will fall into place.

Doors: Door of healing

30 Jul

DOORS: The Door of Healing
This weekend, I had the pleasure of letting my wife Colleen give the message in our services. As usual, she brought a great word that was full of life. So, in case you missed it, I’d like to summarize it here.

God has the same heart to heal us today as He did for all those people that Jesus healed in the Bible. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God does not change. He was the Healer long ago and He is still the Healer today. Yet today, either because of ignorance or unbelief, people often miss out on receiving healing.

So, is God still healing today? Is Jesus really who He said we was? If we want to answer these questions, we should ask the person that they’re about. And, we’ll find His answers if we go to the right source – God’s Word. Isaiah 53:5 says, “By his stripes we are healed.” And, 1 Peter 2:24 says, “By his stripes we were healed.” Notice that it says “were healed” – as soon as God thinks something it’s as good as done. From God’s perspective everything that needed to be done by Him for us to be healed was completed in Jesus. The promise is intact.

What is needed now is our participation in order for the promise to be delivered. You see, just like the people in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, our doubts and unbelief cut us off from being able to receive. It’s almost like God needs our permission; He doesn’t force himself on anyone. Rather, He’s looking for us to trust Him. That is what opens the door of healing.

Now, if we want to keep the door open, there are two things we have to do: Sift and Stand. First, we have to sift, or filter out all our wrong beliefs and the lies that the enemy throws at us. Then, we have to stand on the truth of God’s Word. The devil would love to close the door of healing in our lives, but if we learn how to take a stand, we can refuse him that opportunity.

Still, standing is not easy. There are a lot of things that contend against our healing such as feelings, facts, fear, failure or false information. In order to stand, we have to keep believing in God and what He says He accomplished in His Son. We must embrace truth and isolate ourselves from the lies that serve to undermine our faith. That’s why we have to keep God’s Word in front of us. It is the lens through which we must examine the validity of what we believe. It will tell us if what we’re thinking and expecting is right or wrong.

Because of that, we need to fall in love with God’s Word. What’s great is that as we do so, and as we find truth in it, we develop faith. Now, this is not just mental assent or agreement. Faith is when the truth connects with our spirits; when we have that “aha” moment; when, regardless of circumstances, we know that we know that God is our Healer.

To get to that place, God’s Word must become a part of us. How? Through meditation. I don’t mean some kind of crazy eastern meditation where you’re sitting there saying, “Ommmm,” or whatever. No, I’m talking about the definition of meditation: to revolve in the mind; to ponder; imagine; speak; utter. Meditation is not only thinking about something, but it is also engaging our mouths. When we start speaking what we believe, the revelation of His goodness becomes illuminated. Something amazing happens. We get the Word into us and that enables us to stand.

Now, this can work for us or against us depending on what we’re meditating about. So often we focus on and verbalize our feelings, circumstances, sicknesses, symptoms, etc., but that only takes us further down, deeper into sickness and doubt. On the other hand, if we will meditate on the truth of God’s Word, it will work out through us in the form of faith and move us toward healing. Through faith we give God permission to move in our life. It may not be instant, quite possibly it may be a process, but it is inevitable.

As you go through this process, I want you to be patient with yourself. You’ve had a lot of experiences. It takes time to let go of traditions, preconceived ideas or impressions left behind on our souls from disappointing experiences in the past. But, if you will continue to sift your beliefs and take a stand, you will come to the place where your spirit agrees with the Word and you’re convinced.

Then, if you want to receive healing, you must activate your faith. Receptivity involves tenacity not passivity! The devil wants to steal your healing. Are you going to let him take it, or go after what is yours and take it back? Sure, you can be lying in bed, you can have a disease, but it doesn’t have to have you! Don’t just let the enemy run over you. Stand. Take up the armor of God (see Eph. 6). Activate your faith. And take what God has promised you – your healing.

God wants you to have the experience of healing. Why? Because after you’ve had to stand for it, gone through the process, and then received healing, you’ll want to go out and tell others about it and share the experience with them. And that is just what God wants you to do. He wants all of us to live life with the Door of Healing wide open!