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ipad out / opad in

6 Apr

This is hilarious.


Canada Seeing Rise in Private Health Care

1 Jul

Now this is funny to me because it has been stated so many people want universal healthcare. Now Canada which we are basing our model on is turning more towards private health care because of the mass number of people flooding the system. Here is the article on this new trend in Canada!

Wake-up America. Free is a relative term. We will all be paying for this new system which rationing is inevitable.  People will be paying to go to Canada as they do now in the US. If you have money then you’ll be fine but for the poor and middle class you will be screwed. Long lines to see a doctor, ER and months or even years to get an MRI or surgery. This is crazy and there has to be some other way of making health care cheaper without nationalizing this system.  Take perscription drugs for example, the private market has made it where you can get drugs at Wal-mart, Publix and Kroger for $4 and in some cares free. The Government did not do this. Competition did this? Why can’t doctors and insurance companies work together to lower the cost? The government should not be butting into our affairs. I want to make my own healthcare decisions with my doctor not the Government telling me what procedures I can have and when. Or even if they will pay for medicines or not. My hubby is on a medicine that costs over $700. He can take brand name only per his doctor. I know for a fact the government will only pay for gerneric drugs so if we go to a universal system. We will have to pay $700 a month instead of the $50 we pay now. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of money especially since our taxes are going to skyrocket!

They have broken the percentages down a portion of the people uninsured are illegal immigrants, then you have people who would qualify for medicaid, medicare or lower income insurance that do not take advantage of this. The other portion of people are young adults or people who just don’t see the need for health insurance. This is stupid. If we need to re-educate people on their options so be it but before you go running toward nationalized healthcare you better make darn sure you have looked at every avenue. We cannot even pay for all the things now. Look at California. They are the biggest state with tons of people dependent on Government healthcare, food stamps etc and they are virtually bankrupt. We are headed in the wrong direction!

Freedom of Choice Act and the Catholic Church

12 Nov

This is awesome. The catholic church is willing to negotiate some things with Obama but not on the FOCA. If it passes then they said they have no choice but to shut down their health-care which apparently is one of the nations biggest health-care providers. Read the article here from Ed Morrissey. I thought Obama could make this an executive order but it has to go through congress so the GOP may have enough votes to filibuster and sustain it.

“How the GOP can get it’s groove back”

10 Nov

This is the title from a friend’s post, goldfishandclowns.com. I thought it was a great post so read here and my comments are below as I had something to add.

My comments to his post:

I agree! We need fresh, pure and bold people stepping up for the GOP. They are thinking of replacing the RNC with Newt Gingrich. I like him. I would like to see him in that role changing things. We need a new game plan. We also need to be praying for President Elect Obama that he makes great decisions for this country. God can change his heart if we are all praying for him. We also need to be in prayer about his cabinet decisions that he makes wise and godly decisions. There are many things that concern me but I am not in prayer instead of criticizing his every decision. God worked on me.

I still feel there are some journalist out there waiting for Obama to fail. This is the wrong attitude. I know I just had a God moment on Saturday. They are still bringing up all of this stuff. Yes, we need to be alert, but we need to pray for his success and that God is in every decision. Ultimately if he fails we all fail and that could mean horrific consequences for the USA.

Mike Huckabee is coming to our church. Something I loved about him is he connects with people no matter where the stand on the issues. He will be bold but he also is respectful and listens to to them. He also speaks about helping the poor and on the moral issues. We need to do the same. We need to be discussing abortion, gay marriage etc but also add the social justice issues such as poverty and health care. We only deal with the one side from each party. We need to come together because it says in the Bible we need righteousness and justice. This may stir up some people to take another look at the GOP if we were talking about both of these things especially because the new breed of young voters even Christians are going more for the social justice issues and environment.

Finally, we need to stop stabbing each other in the back and move on. The election is over lets regroup and get it together. A house divided will fall and it did for the GOP. Pick it back up and unify yourselves. We also need to be unified as a country or the USA will fail also. We have been divided for a long time. Lets be the United States of America not he divided states of America!