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My kids have the flu for Thanksgiving 2010

23 Nov

As if this month could be bad enough my 8 year old started running a 102 temp late Saturday night. I was able to get her temp down with Ibuprofen. I figured she had strep. Her only complaints were throat and head. Her temp did not go above 102 and she did not have the usual flu symptoms. I took her to the pediatricians office on Monday and they ruled out strep. He thought she may have another sinus infection however I questioned him on the medicine since she just got over one. He decided to check her for flu and sure enough she tested positive for type B. My girls have never had the flu before until now. When I got home my youngest was running a low grade temp. Fortunately my peds gave me tamiflu for both of the girls. My youngest is considered high risk because she was diagnosed with asthma. So far so good, they seem to have a very mild case.  Most of the cases I have heard about this kids are really bad off so thank you God that my girls were spared.

This month was already horrible but for my girls to get the flu before Thanksgiving thats just icing on an already crappy cake.

I do think they will be better by turkey day though and for that I can be very thankful!


Uterine Polyps

14 May

I went to the dreaded appointment with my OBGYN today. I thought everything was fine until we started talking about my periods and my flow. He thinks I have uterine polyps. I am really concerned because I do not know much about this. In most cases they are benign but there is that chance it could be cancer. I am totally freaking out. I am only 32 years old. We do want more children at some point so I don’t want to lose that ability. I am having a procedure done in June to diagnose if I have a polyp or not. If not I will have to go on birth control pills off and on each month to get it under control. I love my doctor though. He spent 45 minutes with me today. His entire staff is so very kind too! Please keep me in your prayers! I was totally not expecting this and my emotions are all over the place right now. If any of you have had this diagnosis or suspect you may have it here is a very good website from the Mayo Clinic all about this issue.


9 Apr

Have you ever heard of this bacterial infection? Probably not but it is an infection of the adenoids. Almost a year after my 2 1/2 year old daughter has been fighting infection after infection, we may have finally come to some answers. She has been on every antibiotic known to a child and then some. She has been tested for this disease and that deficiency. Now, after visiting the ENT and coming back with another infection and fever her pediatrician thinks instead of sinus infections she actually has infections in her adenoids.The antibiotics are only treating the surface issue and not the entire infection due to hers being moderately enlarged.  She is having surgery at the end of the month to remove her adenoids and the tissue to relieve her of these chronic infections.

Finally, some answers! I encourage you parents keep fighting for your kids. Keep pressing the doctors and do your own research. Had I pressed a little harder sooner we may have realized this sooner and prevented her from having to take so many medicines.  You are your child’s advocate!


12 Mar

Joy, what a simple word. It is powerful though. In these tough times no matter what you are facing, I want to encourage you to hold on to your faith and have joy. Things may be at there worst but something about staying positive and having faith and joy can actually help pull you out of the situation. The joy of the Lord is my strength. It can give you strength to have that joy. Hang on and stay strong during these uncertain times. Everything just seems so negative so turn off the news and turn to God. Hold on! I just want to encourage you with some positive news and help build your faith.

Whether you have experienced a job loss, a bad marriage, battling an illness, or whatever you are going through, hold on to your faith in God and hold on the joy that is deep within you. My husband and I have faced many, many trials in our almost 8 years of marriage and 13 years of being together but the one constant that got us through was having faith in the midst of the storm and trying to find something positive in all of it. You will come out of whatever situation you are in.


Chronic sinus infections

22 Feb

Since July of last year, Peanut has been struggling with chronic sinus infections. It has gotten to the point that it takes two, three and even four antibiotics to get rid of these infections. We have been referred to an allergist for whom she is going to have skin testing and possibly a blood panel to check for auto immune diseases. The next step is to go to an ENT to see if her adenoids are enlarged. This would explain why she is chronically sick with these infections. If they are enlarged you just keep getting infections by your own body due to bacteria build up in the enlarged area. It has no place to get relief. Pookie had this and once hers were removed she has not had near the sinus infections as she once did. I just want to my little girl to be ok. She has hardly known a life in the recent months without a 101 fever or massive amounts of Motrin and Tylenol or even the constant nose and face pain. She hardly sleeps anymore and we are all very tired. Please keep my little peanut in your prayers. She normally is a very well adjusted, playful child and this is all a lot to bear. I have decided to fight instead of continuing to accept this. I am praying for her every chance I get and I have faith that she will walk free from these chronic infections. I am writing this not as a complaint and “woe is me” but to help others who may be going through similar situations. It is so hard to see your little one sick especially with chronic illnesses that seem to have no answers at this point. Thank you for all your prayers.

Keep pressing your pediatricians. I had a great conversation with ours yesterday. She is actually quite concerned but the possible scenarios I just listed above us a start. She also answered my question about why Peanut keeps testing positive for viral infections when truly she has a chronic sinus infection. When it is chronic infection such as this, the blood test is actually inaccurate. She has not been picking up new infections or germs but continuing to have the same infection she just cannot shake.

Update: I wrote another post on Thursday-Friday (April 9th). Some of these infections are sinus infections but they are starting out and continuing as a chronic adenoid infection. Peanut tested negative to several auto immune deficienies and to allergies. This is a relief.  She is having her adenoids removed at the end of this month. If you want more info on this, check out my adenoiditis post.


21 Feb

We finally got to go to church tonight. Stephen’s parents kept Hannah because she still has her sinus infection. I am so glad we went. It was a time of refreshing and re-grouping. Our Pastor spoke on vision and why a marriage, children and family need a vision. It talks about in the Bible my people parish for lack of vision so it made me think. When Stephen and I were first married, we talked about vision for our lives and family but kind of cast that off. When you do that you really do spin in circles not feeling like you have any real purpose. I want to know that I am here for a reason and making a difference.

It has been two months since we have been to church with all our sinus stuff so it was so amazing to be at church tonight. I think through all of life’s circumstances I kind of settled on what is instead of standing up and fighting back. I want to be closer to God and I want to have that deep prayer time like I used to. I have to get that time back with my heavenly father. In these tough times, God is my comfort, father and friend.