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Extreme Makeover

26 Mar

Okay, my very sweet and handsome husband secretly entered me into a makeover contest at my old salon. He did not realize I know longer go there. Anyway I was chosen as one of the winners. I had a mixed reaction. At first I was really excited but then I had a knot in my stomach. I left there because the lady that was cuting my hair butchered it. It took two hair cuts later to straighten it out.  This is  funny because I never win anything. I do not hardly do anything for myself or take time for myself so this sounds amazing! While this is an amazing blessing and a day of pampering, I am so nervous about my hair. It is not all that long so would they cut it all off to which I would be mortified. I have prayed about it and now I have petitioned all my friends What should I do?  I will post pics if I decide to go for it!