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My Favorite Stores

23 Nov

I just went to Target to finish my Christmas shopping and I am done! I found in the stocking stuffer section a few little things for the girls that were under $6. Pookie loves the Littlest Pet Shop Stuff and they had two little animals for $6. They had little fisher price doodle pros shaped like a Christmas tree for $4.99. I also bought some tinker bell lip gloss and princess nail polishes for $2 and $3. They had all of their gourmet candies on sale.

Walmart is another favorite store. My grandmother said she is going to start shopping there. They have the cheapest prices and everything I needed the other day was on sale.

The Learning Express. I don’t know if these are all over the US but I love this store. They have the neatest things and sell a lot of stuff made in the USA. For birthdays and holidays your child can make a wish list and people can come and pick stuff off their list. We are going to do this for Pookie’s birthday. She is excited. There prices are reasonable and they always have coupons or 20% off. They also gift wrap or personalize your items for free.

Publix! If you are looking for a store bought pumpkin pie you can get two for $5.98 or one for $3. The cheapest price I have seen. Walmart had small pies for $3.75 or $5. Publix has neat things. Some of their prices are a bit more than Kroger or Wal-mart but they do have a lot of buy one get one. I love their customer service. You can get some medicines for free too.

Kroger- I love their pharmacy. I love their fruit and their diapers. They do have awesome sales and great store brands.

Carters- My girls cannot really wear much from them this year but I love their clothes and they are always on sale.