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2 Mar

My husband wrote this part and it applied to me so I thought I would share it. “The message this morning was especially pertinent to this time in my life. The pastor was talking about Jesus feeding the 5,000 using the loaves a fish (’a bag of Subway’, he amusingly quipped). He pointed out that the miracle didn’t happen until the disciples obeyed: get the loaves and bring them here, then start distributing them. It’s kind of like walking on water: you don’t get to do so until you step out of the boat. The pastor spoke from his heart, saying that again and again, throughout the growth of this church from meeting in a school to a small storefront, then a larger storefront, then a larger, then a larger, then their own property and now creating a sister church, every single time, they didn’t have the money beforehand. They didn’t have what they needed until they stepped out in faith.”

This is so true of our life we have to step out there and put action to what God is asking us to do. The pastor said having faith and putting action with it is like having faith with legs. I like that. Jesus calls us to have faith and says without faith it is impossible to please God. This is one area I struggle in. Doubt comes in or  our circumstances come in but this message yesterday really excited me and lifted me up to where I can cast doubt aside and say I am going to believe and walk in faith. I will remember the story of the 5,000 being fed when I want to waiver. We have to stand firm especially in these tough times!