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Skinny Jeans for toddlers and babies

12 Aug

What are they going to do next in the children’s line of clothes? The Gap has decided to make skinny jeans starting in size 0-3 mos for babies going up to the toddlers sizes. I have never heard anything crazier then this. It is hard enough trying to put pants on babies because of the bulky diapers and layers of baby fat. This is absolutely crazy!

I will not buy skinny jeans for my 8 year old and I have noticed that trend moving towards my 3 year old sizes. My 8 year old is tall and thin but skinny jeans are too revealing. I want my girls in conservative and stylish clothing.

Parents are flocking to this style because it is the trend. The stores are eating this up.

I do not shop at the Gap because it is not economical for our family. I shop around at different stores trying to get the best deals but taking an adult fashion trend and making it for babies and toddlers is absurd. If you look at this baby in the skinny jeans, they don’t fit you see way too much of her diaper. Paying that kind of money so my child can be trendy with her diaper hanging out. I don’t know about you but I want my jeans to fit and be comfortable.

I have two kids to buy clothes for so I have to keep things affordable as well as stylish. I do put my kids needs above mine but part of that is I am not still growing. I can wear the same outfit for several years or the same shoes but they cannot.

What will they think of next?


Pizza night

9 Apr

We are having some friends over for pizza and game night tonight. My girls are still sick so they will go to bed and we will enjoy a quiet evening with some friends. We are a little low on funds right now. We have Little Caesar’s pizza and you can get a large one topping pizza for $5. They also had slices of cake at Kroger for $1.99 so dinner and dessert for under $20 dollars. Games and good times are free!


14 Nov

Ok so I have not heard this term since I was a kid. With the credit cards out there, there was no need to continue with this service. Since the economy has tanked it has come back. Everywhere from Shane Company to K-mart and I am sure Wal-mart will bring it back too. I actually like Layaway better then using credit cards. It makes the person pay for the item before they get it. There is no charge or interest. We are paying cash this Christmas and have our list out but this would be great for someone who can only pay a little at a time for their child’s christmas or a luxury item they wanted instead of putting it on credit.

41 Watermelons

24 Jul

Ok, I know food prices have gone up but I just bought about 15 items from Kroger for my husband and had a 200 dollar bill. He has GERD, Gastro esophagus reflux disease. He was doing so much better and he came off the prilosec and started drinking coffee again. So it started back up, anyway, I bought him some sickie foods such as soup, ginger ale and jello. The lady told me that would be $197.81. I about fell on the floor. I got my stuff and went to the car where I proceeded to check the ticket. Everything but a couple of items were in the dollar to two dollar range so I am trying to figure out why I owed almost $200 then I saw it. The watermelon I bought. First, it did not have the right price beside it then I noticed she gave me 41 watermelons. Um, do I look like I need 41 watermelons. I marched right back inside explaining my situation to the Customer Care person. She kindly refunded $125. So when it does not feel right, check the ticket. I have caught so many mistakes. Now think about if I had not checked they would have gotten $125 of my dollars that I did not owe and money I would have had to take from savings. This would have been a costly mistake. Ahhh I am just glad I checked and the money is safely back in our account along with some stuff I took back to Target. Yay!

Generic Products

10 Jul

After speaking with Mr. Sewell, I remembered several other products grocery and others that we buy generic on. I buy Natural peanut butter for the girls so I use Kroger brand it is $1.99 compared to smuckers natural at $4 and some change. I also use Walmart squeeze jellies and Kroger jellies. My girls like them just as much and we cannot tell the difference. Those are usually $1.25-$1.50 compared to the $2-$3 brand name jellies. I also use generic chili seasoning at $.50 wal-mart brand compared to $1. and some change McCormick brand. I use generic hand soap. I also use generic Advil for us. I use gas meds for us and the girls that are wal-mart brand and it saves tons of money. The infant gas drops are now $11.88 or something like that and I can get the big bottle of wal-mart brand for $6.97. Some other products that I use that are generic are toilet paper, sandwich bags, garbage bags and aluminum foil.

We buy Office Depot brand printer ink cartridges and paper. They used to have a deal where you could trade in your old cartridges for a free ream of paper now you just get $2 off but every little bit helps.

Since the rising gas prices, I have also switched to generic BBQ sauce, Ketchup, mustard and oatmeal. For the items I simply want to buy brand name such as granola bars, cereals etc. I try to find coupons.  We also use Kroger brand microwave natural popcorn and it is delicious. My girls can have it because it does not have butter or milk products like some of the other brands.

I hope this helps you save a few extra pennies or even dollars. I have tried a lot of generics out there and some are better than others. I don’t buy Publix brand too often because they are so much higher than Kroger and Wal-mart even on generics. We also use generic prescriptions such as antibiotics, nose sprays,  creams and  other drugs from the pharmacy including cough drops. Our prescription card makes it cheaper plus in most cases where there is a generic they will not cover the brand name so you have to at least try it.

We have found it is the same. I think a lot of the brand named products make the generic brands too. Look at the recall on Sarah Lee bread a while back this also included publix bread too.  Cheaper is not always better. I check the ingredients on everything but if they are similar and there is a considerable price difference I will definitely buy generic.

The Coupon Mom

9 Jul

The journalist who interviewed me today, Dan Sewell, pointed me to another article he just finished on consumers clipping coupons in a tightening economy. You can google his name and Stephanie Nelson, the coupon mom, to read the article. Stephanie is a resident of Atlanta and she has been on our local news numerous times but it never dawned on me that she had a website. I signed up and it is free. She has all sorts of things on her site to help you save money and cut your grocery bill in half. She also has helpful advice. The website is http://www.thecouponmom.com. I love clipping coupons and I saved over $10 a few weeks ago and another $10 or so a week ago. You can also get free stuff with coupons. Kroger doubles their coupons so if the price is similar on something I normally buy I will just get it at Kroger to get the extra savings. Store brand typically is cheaper but if it is something I normally buy then I will use the coupon. Another great site to which I have received free things is http://www.spoofee.com. Check out both of these sites and I hope it helps you save lots of money.

Share you money saving tips with me!