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Octomom on Oprah

20 Apr

I thought this was a great interview. I think some of the denial of having all of her children has worn off. I loved Oprah because she could keep Nadia focused. Sometimes she tends to continue talking and repeating herself so I thought that was good. I can tell she is a passionate mom but how are her kids coping? It seemed like mass chaos from the video I was watching. I pray that she can continue to support them and care for them.  I think having Michelle from 19 kids and counting might be a beneficial mentor. I think a schedule would be beneficial. I cannot imagine staying sane without my schedule. I pray they will all be okay. There is a lot of work left to do. I think I did see a different side to her and I think the interview will help her image. I cannot even imagine what all of them must be going through.


Shaheen Jafargholi singing “Who’s Loving You”

14 Oct

This kid is amazing! Watch Shaheen Jafargholi, the latest sensation to come out of Britain’s Got Talent, perform the song that made him a hit, “Who’s Loving You?”

99 Balloons: A Father’s touching tribute to his son

17 Jun

Father’s day is coming up this weekend. This is a touching tribute to a son from his father.  I was watching Oprah today and they had the story of Matt and Ginny whose son passed away. Ginny said, “I can be sad later but I am going to enjoy every minute I can with him.” The strength of these parents is amazing. You have to watch this moving tribute to their son Eliot. It really puts life in perspective. They were also expecting another child when this episode of Oprah was aired. It is truly amazing, inspirational and will really touch your heart!


9 Apr

Ok so now here is a topic I never discuss.  I personally think this is something you should keep between your spouse in my case or partner. I think this is a private matter. However, the reason I am bringing this up is I saw on Oprah a doctor, I think, discussing how you should talk to your child and teen about sex. I thought ok this may be good. Big shock once she got past talking to the 10 year old. She started talking about “self pleasuring” and “sex toys.” I am sorry but I am not discussing these kinds of things with my daughters. I am with  Gail, kids and teens today know way to much and are doing to much. I am all for educating my children on the issue of sex and puberty when that time comes. I totally disagree with teaching your children about these things. Education is key in keeping them safe and making wise decisions.  I can see that Oprah will probably get tons of letters on this issue. You could even see the older teen girls cringe in their seats when she was discussing these things. I actually turned it off.

When Pookie has questions, I want to answer them. I already have answered some of her questions about puberty and body changes because she notices that my body isn’t exactly like hers but I kept it brief and in terms she could understand. She knows that our bodies will go through changes as we get older. I don’t want her to be afraid of those changes like I was. I had no clue what was going on with my body. I was 8 when I first started developing. I had no explanation other than this happens. Why?

I vowed that day if I had daughters I would teach them.  I want our relationship to be as open as possible. I want her and  peanut to come to me for answers, but I think it crosses the line when you start teaching them about sex toys, how to reach orgasm, and pleasuring yourself. In Oprah’s words, “this is very controversial.” I would agree!

The truth about motherhood

7 Apr

I caught the end of Oprah today. She had on Cheryl Hines, star of the new hit mommy show on ABC. She also had a top mommy blogger. All these women were saying the same things I had felt at one time but dare never say out loud except to my best girlfriends. It was a refreshing show.

There are days that you do not get a shower. I know that would have been gross to me a few years ago pre-kids but sometimes there is not time to get a shower. A mother’s job truly is 24-7. Even when my little angels are sleeping, I may be thinking of all that is going on. I may be worrying. I know I should not but some nights I am awake. I will go check on my precious ones every few hours. I just cannot sleep. I view motherhood like marriage in that no one tells you how hard it is. They only tell you the good parts.

Breastfeeding for example, the tv shows, books, friends all made it seem so simple. I beg to differ. Pookie latched on ok but then was not properly latched on so every 30 minutes she wanted to eat. I cried.  I was bleeding and sore and could not stand this. It was supposed to be this beautiful bonding time. I hurt like hell and it was not beautiful! I was so exhausted and she developed jaundice. I was also dealing with post partum depression.  I had the brilliant idea that I would pump. It took me 2 hours just to get 1/2 an ounce and I had a double medula pump. I ended up giving up. I felt so guilty that I had let my little girl down by not breastfeeding. When she could not tolerate the fomula, I felt even guiltier. The guilt we put ourselves through and each other is overwhelming sometimes. I had so many people say, “oh just do this or keep pressing on.” I think people should just but out sometimes. I was even more determined to breastfeed with Peanut. She latched on right away but then started not wanting me. She also developed severe jaundice so back on the bottle we go. I also had my four year old screaming every time I was trying to breastfeed. I fell asleep holding peanut trying to nurse and woke up with her screaming. I think the exhaustion is the worst. Trying to balance too is also hard. Peanut was an easy baby so she fit right in and things fell into place but those first few weeks are so difficult.

I think we are so afraid of scaring other new moms we don’t say anything but we need to step up and say, “it is hard but you’ll make it.”  Encouragement is key.

Thank you Oprah for having this show. It made me feel better knowing there are other moms out there like me.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

12 Mar

I pray for this young woman that she will get the courage to leave this kid. He is a kid. He is only 19 years old. Whether he saw his father beat  his mother or not, he does not have the right to beat and almost kill this young woman. I pray she will listen to someone and get out. I gurantee this is not the first time he hit her and it will not be the last. I just pray she does not end up dead. I pray this kid goes to jail and does not get a plea. It is crazy that you can beat a dog and go to jail for almost 2 years in the case of Michael Vick but this guy could only serve a few days to a few months and he almost killed this young woman. Human life has to valued more than this. The laws have to change.

Thank you to Oprah for standing up!

Denise Brown is also speaking out on the violence against women. She started speaking out after her sister was murdered. She says there is a growing trend in teen girls getting beaten by their boyfriends and showing off their bruises. This is sick that a girl would think someone loves her because he beats her. It is not ok for a man to hit you, push you, punch you or talk to you in a degrading way. IT IS NOT OK!!!!!

Sarah Palin fights back

7 Nov

In this hotair post including CNN and MSNBC interviews with Palin, she fights back against the McCain campaign “jerks” that are slandering her and dishing out gossip to Fox and Newsweek. Fox news apparently outs these cowards as you can see in the post. You go Sarah!

I liked McCain and I had a respect for him. I do not respect him right now for not standing up and defending Governor Palin. He chose her and instead of hiding out he needs to face this head on. Sarah Palin will be on Greta Monday, November 10th at 10 PM EST. Greta is the first to get an interview with Palin since she lost. Oprah is wanting an interview too. I pray she turns her down. The audacity of Oprah!

Keep up the good fight of faith! I know you are destined for great things. God is with you always and there will be vindication!