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New Study says 85% of kids juices and snacks have high levels of lead

13 Jul

My friend sent me this article about a recent study that was done on brand name juices and snacks mostly given to children. The findings are disturbing. 85% of these tested had high levels of lead. This included Gerber baby foods and organic products such as Earth’s Best and Trader Joes. Someone commented on this post that you should just buy fresh and make it yourself, but the problem is the water. It is contaminating the fruits and veggies with lead. We could have high levels in our fruits and veggies in our refrigerator and drinking water. All I know is this is very disturbing!


Organic food audit found flaws in system

7 May

As with everything else, you have to be very careful with organic foods now too. In independent audit by our local news station found inconsistencies and not enough oversight.   Here is the news story from our local TV news. We mostly buy organic cereals and granola bars not produce. I found this to be interesting though because we trust what we read on the label is true and accurate and this is not necessarily correct.