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Why I like Mike Huckabee

20 Mar

He was one of the 2008 presidential candidate. I voted for him because he stood for the same issues I did. He was a former pastor and a humbled servant. He has common sense solutions to todays overwhelming problems. I love watching him on his show, Huckabee on Fox, or as a news contributor on other Fox shows.

My husband and I were speaking on this very subject last night. I think he would do well in 2012 asĀ  a presidential candidate because he has the likability factor as well as conservative values that many Americans are wanting to get back too. He brings the social justice and the moral justice together instead of it being split between two parties. I think this makes him a well rounded candidate as well. I love the fact he wants to overhaul the IRS and have a fair tax. I am all for it. I think the American people will be on board too when they realize that 95% of the people will be PAYING taxes because of all the negligent spending this administration has done.

These are just a few of the reasons I like Mike Huckabee. Check out his site at huckpac.com