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Right Wing Extremist

16 Apr

Did you know according to the DHS report that if you stand against abortion, illegal immigration or even hold a different view from the Obama administration, you could be considered  a right wing extremist? Possibly engaging in terrorist acts.  Instead of calling terrorists, terrorists we are calling them man made disasters. Those people who killed thousands on 911 are not terrorist, but I am?  No, I don’t think so.

My real beef though is labeling our heroes, veterans, that come back from serving our great country only to learn they are being given a label and need to be watched for  “terrorist activity”.

This lady needs to be fired.  She does not even think there is a problem with violence on our borders. Wake up people!! She issued this memo last week but is now back tracking probably due to outrage.

Here is video of Janet Napolitano on Fox and Friends trying to explain the memo and regrets “the footnote”.

Here is the actual report from the DHS. After reading this, I still do not think I am taking this out of context. There are pages and pages in this report on right wing extremist. Where is her report on the left wing extremist,  or the terrorist that really want to hurt this great country. A good portion of this report was on the veterans who served our great country. I just think this is uncalled for.  This is absurd!