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Math and Slavery

9 Jan

This actually happened in my county. I was appalled to hear about this going home with 8 year olds and very shocked it would have gone home. At our school in the same county each grade has the same coarse work. If third grade is leaning multiplication they were all doing the same worksheets and tests. This teacher did not follow proper protocol. This is in appropriate on every level. There was no social or moral context to these questions. This teacher or any one else that approved this assignment to go home should be fired.

This has made the local, state, and now national media. I saw it mentioned on Fox News, Parents magazine and now the Talk, a new celebrity talk show. It is just absolutely appalling and I really do hope that this teacher will be fired. The slave question was bad enough but there was a question about how many beatings Fredrick Douglas received and that is outrageous. I hope this national attention will put pressure on the school and county to fire all involved.


Girls and Puberty

9 Jan

Well, over Christmas I’ve noticed some tiny changes in my 9 1/2 year old daughter. She is in the early stages of puberty. Before I can wrap my brain around all this she brings a letter home that her school is going to be watching a video on sex education. Wow! We’ve had numerous discussions on puberty and body changes for her since she was 3. However, I have not delved into the world of sex education yet and thought I had a little more time. Now I’m reading books on how to approach the subject. A friend recommended a book by Kevin Leman, called a chicken’s guide to talking turkey about sex. I am impressed just by reading the first chapter. I wasn’t sure if it would take a bury your head in the sand approach as a good number of Christians and adults seem too but it is very blunt and I am getting very helpful parenting advice. 

My parents never really said anything about puberty or sex other than “don’t have sex before your married.” So when I became a parent I spoke with my husband and we decided we were going to be open, honest and delve into this as a family conversation. I want her to be comfortable with her body through these changes and understand it’s normal. I want her to feel she can come to us at any time and ask any thing she wants. I feel like as a parent you need to research, learn and grow. This is a topic that is so new to me as far as teaching my children so I want to get it right. 

Almost everyone I have spoken with said their parents never said anything about sex or puberty we all learned it from TV or our friends. I want my relationship with my daughers to be different. So I am very nervous but I will it’s important and hopefully it will get easier when my now five year old goes through this in a four or five years. 

Our school allows us to watch the video they are showing before our children will view it so I am going to do that. If it lines up with our values and what I would be discussing with her then she can view it. I definitely do not want her getting wrong information from her friends. 

I cannot believe my first born is old enough to be learning and going through this already. Time flies so quickly and she’ll be graduating high school before I know it.  

Auditory Processing Disorder

6 Jun

From the time my little pookie started preschool which was 2, we were asked if she had hearing problems. She has passed all of her hearing tests even the one the school gave her a few months ago. Her grades are all A’s and an occasional B. Her test scores are through the roof. She exceeded above the national average on every area but math. Math she met the expectation on. She baffled her teacher this year because she takes almost no info in through her hearing and 98% visual learner. She is above grade level in reading and writing. She was almost placed in gifted but didn’t quite pass their test required to get in. I spoke with her pediatrician about it and she said Pookie may have a disorder called Auditory Processing Disorder. I am not going through the school to hopefully have her tested. It is very frustrating year after year to hear teachers ask if she has hearing issues. This would explain so much if she does have this. To have her tested I will have to have the teacher bring her up on SST. Hopefully, we can get some answers. While she is doing well now, I’m concerned about upper grades. She had a very patient teacher this year who worked with her but some teachers may not be so patient and understanding with 30 kids. She absolutely cannot follow multi-step directions. You physically have to stand in front of her and repeat each thing one at a time. My four year however can get a list of instructions audibly and follow them with no issues. Praying they will still test her since her grades and test scores are so high.

Different Learning Styles

8 Feb

Throughout my daughters life I had preschool teachers and elementary school teachers talk to me about issues with her. They would say, ” we think she has a hearing problem.” I found she was perfectly fine. Her hearing was tested and it was perfect. I heard this for two years of PS.

In kindergarten pookie did not adjust well. She was brought up to SST. Her teachers were baffled because she could read on these high levels but could not  tell you what she read. She would answer these hard questions that no one else knew but not stay focused, follow basic everyday instructions or finish her work. By the middle of the year with much prayer,  she was improving.

She went on to first grade with some minor issues that seemed to get better when we removed her from her allergy meds. Second grade went smooth except for all the teachers referencing how quiet she was. They would actually put talkative kids near her so she would have no choice but to talk. They would even be excited if she got a check mark for talking because she was that quiet.

Third grade she is doing well but at her fall conference she asked me again did pookie have a hearing issue. I said she was just tested twice and both times came out perfect so I said no. We have continued to work with her. The other day her teacher wrote the most bizarre note.  It said, “I don’t think pookie takes in anything audibly but she is one smart cookie.” At her conference she said Pookie does not follow basic everyday instruction and has to be reminded quite often. However on her test scores, answers, etc she is at the top of the class. She is actually being tested for the gifted program right now.

I spoke with a teacher friend of mine that happens to teach gifted and she said Pookie is classic textbook gifted child. Their brains are so full of ideas that they cannot focus in on everyday simple multistep directions. This is so true. I used to get upset with her for not following directions I had given her. With this information I am trying to be more patient. Following directions is a life skill so for pookie whether gifted or not we just have to work harder at achieving it.

All of our brains work different and learning that different people learn in different ways is so vitally important. Thank God for her teacher that pressed in on this issue and discussed it with me instead of labeling her incorrectly. It really is an issue of how she learns. Her teacher has her right up front, written down basic directions and is going to get her classmates to help remind her of basic everyday multi step directions.

As always I share this information for those who may be in similar situations with their kiddos or if you have a child like this and would like to share your tips and ideas for what worked please share.

Atlanta Weather Update

19 Jan

This is hilarious!! I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. If you in desperate need of a laugh or need some joy you must watch this.

Words no parent wants to hear

10 Aug

I am sitting in my car waiting to go through the afternoon carpool pick up. The line is more than a mile long and we are just starting to move. I hear my three year old say, “Mommy I have to go potty!” Oh no the dreaded words no parent wants to hear especially when you are stuck in a line or something you cannot get out of. All I could do was distract and pray. We picked up my daughter and made it home just in time.

When the preschool calls!

20 Apr

I rarely write anything personal about my children because some things should stay private but felt this could help someone or even help me so here is my story.

My youngest daughter’s preschool called for their spring phone conferences. I was shocked at what my daughter’s teacher wanted to discuss with me. She said, that a lead teacher had observed my daughter at the Easter egg hunt and thought our county school system could help her. I worked in the school system. These special programs are for special needs kids and kids needing assistance with speech, PT, OT, or behavior therapy.  I personally believe that they would laugh me out of there. One on one she will talk a stranger’s ear off. I think at that point they would see she does not need any help. I know when she gets to kindergarten they have play groups she could attend to help with socialization because my older daughter actually participated in one.

My daughter is a healthy, happy girl who has hit and exceeded all of her milestones. She is speaking on a kindergarten level and is extremely bright. She amazes me everyday. I have been a preschool teacher. I know you need to look out for warning signs but not being able to put on a backpack correctly, cutting with scissors correctly or being quiet are not always signs of delays. They are things I need to keep a close eye on and practice with her but I feel this is going to the extreme.

Peanut has been talking since she was 2 months old and I am not exaggerating. Her first word at 8 weeks old was “mama”. She was speaking on a three- four year old level at 18 months. She apparently does not want to share that vocabulary at school. She is extremely quiet her teacher says. As soon as she gets in the car, she is nonstop chatterbox. She tells me all about her day.  She is very independent at home. She is new to preschool this year where as all the other kids have been in some kind of program for a long time. She never participated in an Easter Egg hunt before but did quite well with her sister on Easter. She found 18 eggs all by herself. She builds these incredible things out of legos and blocks. She is in ballet and tap. She loves to run and jump and sing.

You have to also take into account that she turned three right before they started preschool. She is the youngest in the class. Most of the other kids turned 4 a while ago so if you are comparing an early three to a late three early four than you are comparing apples to oranges. I say this because there are some things such as cutting with scissors that just take time. The number one reason I placed her in preschool is for the social interaction. I wanted her to be with kids her own age and not just her sister. She prefers older kids to ones her age but she is getting better. She participates in all the activities they do and she does play with her friends. I think there may be some anxiety there. I think she may feel overwhelmed. Prayerfully, as I continue to put her in social situations with large groups of her peers she will feel more comfortable.

Clark Howard said he was kicked out of kindergarten as a kid and labeled slow or delayed. I think they got that one wrong. The reason they labeled him this way was he would not talk in school. Clark Howard is one of the smartest financial guys you will meet. What I learned in school, counseling and as a mom is you have to assess all situations of a child not just one. Peanut is extremely different at school then she is at home. Instead of asking me this one simple question they made a bunch of assumptions and labeled her as delayed. You have to look at the whole picture not just half!

Thanks for all the feedback I have received. These are things I am keeping a close eye on.

UPDATE: I wrote my daughter’s teacher a note expressing my concern and I thought maybe she was going through some social anxiety. When I picked Peanut up today, she had a sticker on her nose. I asked why she got that and said she sang a song to her teacher by herself in front of the other kids. I told her I was so proud of her!