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American Idol was great last night!

7 Apr

Now we are getting to the competition. I think this week is going to be hard to send someone home because they all did great.  However, I think Tim or Andrew will be leaving us tonight. I could be wrong and there could be a shocker but this is my pick. I like both of these guys but my favorites are Siobhan, Mike, Lee and Crystal. I thought Katie did a fantastic job and I completely agree with Simon that Katie should go toward the country genre. Carrie Underwood has had great success. Carrie Underwood may be country but she is also modern/pop. I know what Simon was trying to say. Anyway, last night was by far my favorite performances from all the contestants and I am sad to see any of them go.


American Idol 2010 is boring this season!

25 Mar

This is one of my favorite shows but this year is so boring. I have a few favorites such as Crystal, Mike, Lee and Aaron and after the rolling stones week I love Sioben! I miss Lily and I just think so many of them are picking boring songs. Out of the top 100 hits they mostly picked older songs. What about today? Now Crystal totally picked the right song. I hope next week is better. I was glad to see Paige go I feel she did not take enough risks and this week was horrible. I predict Andrew off next week unless he starts picking the right song and the same goes for Tim. I love his voice but come on! My favorite moment so far was Mike singing this woman’s work! I am with Kara it brought me to tears. He ought to knock it out of the park next week!!

American Idol Shocker: Kris Allen Wins

21 May

Wow, I could not believe they read Kris’ name as the new American Idol. I was for certain Adam would win. I like Adam but my favorites were Danny and Kris. I know all three guys will have a huge following and long career. I loved Danny singing “Hello”. I thought the song that Kara wrote was more for Kris. It did not seem to fit Adam.

Our Pastor from Victory World Church had some information on Kris that I thought was neat. Pastor Dennis said,  “Still can’t believe Kris Allen won American Idol. Kris is from New Life church in Conway, Arkansas and leads worship for a pastor friend of mine, Rick Bezet who is in Los Angeles tonight with Kris. I wonder what effect this will have on his church? Let’s pray for Kris that God will use him to influence the music world for the Lord!”

I really liked this years competition because it was not just one or two that stood out several of the guys and ladies had a lot of talent. I wish all them the best. I don’t feel like Adam was robbed as I read someone say on Face book. I think he now has the opportunity to make the kind of album he wants to make. I think on Idol you get boxed in. Kris fit that mold a little better. It was just like Daughtry. He lost Idol but it was the best thing for him because he could put a band together and sold a lot of records. He has done well. Out of all the Idols David Cook and Carrie Underwood are my favorites! I cannot wait until next season not sure who the judges will be. I have heard Kara, Simon and Paula are not coming back. I don’t think they will have a show without Simon. I love Paula too. Kara I was not much of a fan but she can sing as she demonstrated that last night with Bikini girl!

Here is a recap with video from entertainment news.