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American Idol Results Shocker

7 Apr

I called Andrew and Aaron in the bottom three but I was not expecting Mike. I figured he would be safe then he was in the bottom two. My jaw dropped as they called Andrew’s name as being safe. What? So thankful the judges saved him. I know he will be in the final four! I love that song he does and I pray he puts it on his album!! My pick for final four: Mike, Crystal, Lee and Siobhan! I think Crystal will win!!


American Idol was great last night!

7 Apr

Now we are getting to the competition. I think this week is going to be hard to send someone home because they all did great.  However, I think Tim or Andrew will be leaving us tonight. I could be wrong and there could be a shocker but this is my pick. I like both of these guys but my favorites are Siobhan, Mike, Lee and Crystal. I thought Katie did a fantastic job and I completely agree with Simon that Katie should go toward the country genre. Carrie Underwood has had great success. Carrie Underwood may be country but she is also modern/pop. I know what Simon was trying to say. Anyway, last night was by far my favorite performances from all the contestants and I am sad to see any of them go.